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Motorola may announce Moto Z3 with 5G Moto Mod this week

Is that the big news for Motorola's event in August?

The Moto Z3, the latest in Motorola's line of phones with magnetic snap-on accessories called Moto Mods, may become the first 5G-capable device thanks to its modularity. The rest will have to wait for their next-generation models to incorporate the new 5G chipsets.

That's the recent speculation about the company's upcoming announcements for Thursday, according to The Android Report, which also claims it will be exclusive to Verizon and that it will supersede a Z3 Force this year.

5G is the upgraded wireless technology intended to improve on the speed, coverage and responsiveness of connections over the current 4G LTE. It's not clear if you'll actually be able to use it for making calls, though it would likely be welcome for fast data transfer. Existing Mods include the Vital Modo Mod, Livermorium Keyboard Slider, Hasselblad True Zoom camera and some batteries.

The entry-level model in the series, the Z3 Play, recently began shipping.

Motorola didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.