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The 8 Best Cooling Comforters of 2023

Sleep cooler with the best cooling comforters on the market. I tested 11 cooling comforters to bring you the top eight.

Caroline Igo Editor
Caroline Igo (she/her/hers) is a wellness editor and holds Sleep Science Coach and Stress Management certificates from the Spencer Institute. She received her bachelor's degree in creative writing from Miami University and continues to further her craft in her free time. Before joining CNET, Caroline wrote for past CNN anchor, Daryn Kagan.
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Caroline Igo
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$239 at Rest Duvet
Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter on white bed.
Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter
Best overall cooling comforter
$259 at Slumber Cloud
SlumberCloud Comforter on white bed.
Slumber Cloud UltraCool Comforter
Softest cooling comforter
$110 at Silk and Snow
Silk and Snow Alt Down Duvet on bed
Silk and Snow Down Alternative Comforter
Best affordable cooling comforter
$269 at Brooklinen
Brooklinen comforter on white bed
Brooklinen Down Comforter
Best lightweight cooling comforter
$235 at Sijo Home
Sijo AiryWeight Comforter on white bed.
Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter
Best temperature-regulating cooling comforter
$499 at Cozy Earth
Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter on white bed.
Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter
Best luxury cooling comforter
$399 at Birch
Birch Comforter on a white bed.
Birch Natural Down Duvet Insert
Best down cooling comforter
$229 at Layla
Layla Down Alternative Comforter on white bed
Layla Down Alternative Comforter
Best down alternative cooling comforter
$349 at Casper
Casper Humidity Fighting Comforter on white bed.
Casper Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet
Honorable mention
$169 at Coop Sleep Goods
Coop Cool Plus Blanket on white bed.
Coop Cool Plus Blanket
Honorable mention
$160 at Sleep Number
Sleep Number True Temp Blanket on a white bed
Sleep Number True Temp Blanket
Honorable mention

I'm a hot sleeper, and if you're anything like me, you know how brutal the summer has been. Temperatures have been rising all around the world, so it's a good idea to check in and make sure you've got bedding that's optimized for heat. It's important to rule out any factors that could be causing you to overheat at night -- such as your sheetspajamas or comforter.

Your comforter could be causing you to wake up covered in sweat. Switching to a cooling comforter made of the right, lightweight materials and even a cool-to-the-touch cover can make a huge difference for hot sleepers. Ditch that old comforter that's trapping your body heat and leaving you damp with sweat. 

Seven comforters on a bed for testing.

I slept with a different comforter each night.

Caroline Igo/CNET

To help you cool off at night, I personally tested 11 cooling comforters, and the eight comforters that made this list are the best on the market. I also included a few honorable mentions in case one of those might fit you better. 

Keep in mind that if you opt for a duvet cover over any of these comforters, the cover you use will affect the cooling sensation. If you're a hot sleeper, I suggest finding a cotton, bamboo, sateen or other light material duvet cover if you want the most out of your cooling comforter. 

A view of the Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter completely on a bed

Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter in Ivory.

Caroline Igo/CNET

The best overall cooling comforter

The Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter is my top pick for best cooling comforter due to its truly cool-to-the-touch feel, comfort, color options, weight and moisture-wicking properties. During my testing, I found that it kept me dry at night -- a very important aspect for a hot sleeper such as myself.

How we tested the best cooling comforters 

During my testing, I considered each comforter's materials, feel, weight, cooling properties, size and price. I then used one comforter a night, in addition to some daytime lounging. My own comforter consists of a light duvet insert and a white duvet cover. During my testing, I didn't put a duvet cover over any of the comforters (honestly, most don't need a cover). Note that if you opt for a duvet cover, the cool-to-the-touch sensation may be affected.  

You won't find a comforter, duvet or blanket that will stay ice cold for the entire night, but these cooling comforters contain temperature-neutral materials that won't retain any of your body heat. Some have a cool-to-touch feel that I've noted below, but be aware that these comforters won't feel that cool all night. 

Best cooling comforters of 2023

The Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter is silky soft and truly cool to the touch. That's why it made it to the top of my list for the overall best cooling comforter. It's machine-washable, has a wavy stitch pattern and comes in three colors: arctic blue, cool gray and ivory. Two of those colors are reversible, so you can easily switch up your bedding. It's made with Tencel lyocell and poly fibers, and the cover is nylon and spandex.

Besides the feel and look, the Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter is also great for wicking away moisture. It kept me dry, and when I turned to my side in the middle of the night, the other side of the comforter was still cool to the touch. If you prefer bedding with a little more fluff or don't want to use this as your sole comforter, I recommend using the Rest Evercool as a top sheet or a blanket. Either way, sleeping with it will keep you from waking up covered in sweat. Rest Duvet often has sales, and you can usually find this comforter for under $180 with discounts.   


  • Soft and very cool to the touch
  • Comes in three colors; two are reversible 
  • Wicks away moisture


  • Thinner and wrinkles easily 
  • Doesn't have anchor loops if you wanted to use it as a duvet insert

If you loved everything about the Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter but wished  it was fluffier and had anchor loops, then the Slumber Cloud UltraCool Comforter is for you. The truly cool-to the-touch cover is made with nylon and spandex, and the filling is 100% polyester fibers. It's machine-washable and can be a comforter or a duvet insert. 

I love how soft and fluffy this comforter is -- and much like its name, it feels like a cloud. I noticed, however, that it might not be thin or lightweight enough for some hot sleepers. If that's you, I recommend the thinner Rest Evercool, instead.     


  • Soft and truly cool to the touch
  • Fluffy, feels like a cloud
  • Temperature regulating


  • Only comes in white
  • Might not be light enough for some hot sleepers

If you're on a budget or looking for a cooling comforter with the best value, the Silk and Snow Down Alternative Comforter is by far the best option. Made with down-like microfiber fill and a square baffle construction, the comforter is both machine-washable and hypoallergenic. The corners also have anchor loops if you wanted to turn it into a duvet insert.  

While I wouldn't say that the outer shell is soft or cool to the touch, it is light and made of 100% cotton. There are also all-season and winter thickness options, but hot sleepers should stick to the lightweight version.    


  • Can be a duvet insert or a comforter 
  • Has anchor loops 
  • The best value for your money


  • Not soft or cool to the touch 
  • A bit of the fill may escape 

Hot sleepers should look for cooling comforters that are made with the right materials and are also the right weight. Truly lightweight comforters are hard to come by, but the Brooklinen Down Comforter is just right. The outer shell is made with 100% long-staple cotton and has a baffle box construction (meaning that the filling won't get stuck in one place). The down cluster and feather fill has been sustainable sourced from Hutterite Farms in Canada and is Downmark Certified

I like how fluffy this comforter is, and I can see it as a duvet insert or a comforter on its own. However, just like any down comforter, be aware that some fill may escape. Also, dry-clean or spot-clean only. 



  • Only available in white
  • A bit of the fill may escape

Sijo specializes in sustainable sleep products, and as such, most of its bedding is made from eucalyptus fibers -- one of the most sustainable fabrics. The Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter is cool to the touch, lightweight and has two types of anchor loops for a duvet cover. The cover and the filling is 100% Tencel lyocell, which is naturally cool and moisture-wicking. 

In addition to being the best temperature-regulating cooling comforter on this list, it is also the best comforter for those with allergies. Eucalyptus is naturally hypoallergenic, and the comforter has been certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly. While I didn't find this comforter as soft as some of the others on this list, its high-quality materials are hard to beat. 



  • Not too soft
  • Not available in Twin or Twin XL

Cozy Earth products feel and look luxurious, and its Bamboo Comforter is no exception. It has detailed stitching along the edge, has a baffle box construction and feels cool to the touch. It looks great as a standalone comforter. Both the cover and the filling are 100% Viscose from bamboo -- which is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool.  

I tested the standard fill which I found cool and light enough for hot sleepers but can also help to keep you warm during colder months. I see this comforter as all-season. While this is the most expensive on the list, Cozy Earth does have sales.  


  • Made with 100% Viscose from bamboo
  • Naturally breathable and moisture-wicking 
  • Has anchor loops 


  • Expensive
  • Not the softest 

Birch is one the best organic and natural bedding brands out there. If you're conscientious about your bedding and the places in which the material comes from, look no further than Birch. Its Natural Down Duvet Insert is a mix of white down and wool down, which both meet the Responsible Down Standard. The cover is made of organic cotton fibers that help to wick moisture and keep you cool. 

While this comforter is meant to be all season, I found it to be heavier than the other comforters on this list. However, it's still very fluffy and can still be suitable for some hot sleepers.   


  • Natural down and wool fill 
  • Features organic cotton 
  • Fluffy 


  • Expensive and heavier  
  • Not available in Twin or Twin XL

Down alternative comforters are both eco-conscious and typically more affordable. Made without animal features or fur, the Layla Down Alternative Comforter feels pretty close to the real thing. The cover is made from 100% cotton, and its fill consists of 700 fill power down alternative fibers. Layla calls this fill Cluster-Loft, which is soft, fluffy and designed to not retain heat.  

It's available in both white and gray, and instead of the usual baffle box design, Layla's comforter has an octagon pattern. This still keeps the fill from piling at one end. I would say that this can be a stand alone comforter or a duvet insert. It has four anchor loops if you decide on the latter. 


  • Fluffy, light and the cover is made of 100% cotton
  • Available in gray and white
  • Layla often has deals


  • Not cool to the touch 
  • Not too soft 

Other cooling comforters tested

While they didn't make my list, some of these comforters have features worth mentioning. Here are my honorable mentions. 

Casper's Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet is made with a 100% cotton shell and filled with ethically sourced down. It has an added layer of merino wool that helps to wick away any moisture. While it doesn't have the typical baffle box design, there are sewn-in long rectangles that keep the down in place. There are also anchor loops for a duvet cover -- which is a good idea considering that the duvet isn't too soft. 

Ultimately, this duvet didn't make my list due to the price. The Brooklinen Down Comforter is lighter, softer and costs $80 less.  

The Cool Plus Blanket from Coop Sleep Goods is cool to the touch -- just like its Cool Plus Pillow that I tested for a round-up of the best cooling pillows. Similarly to the Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter, the Cool Plus Blanket has a nylon and spandex blend cover and is filled with nylon and poly fibers. However, this blanket is thinner than the Rest Evercool, and I can sometimes feel the filling bunching up in some areas. 

Regardless, I still think this is a great cooling product. It's more like a blanket than a comforter, so if you're looking for a cooling addition to your bedding or something to keep you cool while you lounge on the couch, then this is a great choice.

I like the fact that the Sleep Number True Temp Blanket comes in five fun colors. Out of all the comforters I tested, this had the most variety. The blanket is lightweight but feels a little rough. The cover has a 300 thread count and is made of cotton and polyester. I would say it's cool to the touch but not as cool as the others on my list. It is filled with polyester and what Sleep Number called 37.5 technology, which refers to material embedded with volcanic minerals that helps to wick away moisture.

Again, this is more of a blanket than a comforter. That being said, you can absolutely use this as a cooling comforter, I just wish it was softer and more comfortable. 

Factors to consider when choosing a cooling comforter

  • Material
    The best cooling comforters will be made out of cotton, bamboo, linen, eucalyptus and/or microfiber. Cooling covers will be made of nylon, polyester or spandex.
  • Size
    Some comforters don’t come in a Twin/Twin XL. However, if you want an oversized look, you can size up.
  • Thickness
    Hot sleepers should look for a comforter that is lightweight and thin. However, if you prefer fluffier bedding, a thicker comforter still works as long as it contains temperature-neutral materials.
  • Price
    Bedding can be expensive. Oftentime, you can find a great quality comforter for around $150 to $250. Comforters with higher-quality materials (such as silk or bamboo) may well be over $300 or $400.
  • Allergies
    If you have allergies or asthma, it's important to sleep on bedding that is hypoallergenic. This can reduce your exposure to dust mites, mold and other allergens.

Best cooling comforters compared

PriceSizesMaterialsThread CountMachine-washable?Hypoallergenic?Trial Period
Rest Evercool Cooling Comforter $239Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali KingTencel, nylon, spandex and polyesterNot specifiedYesYes30 Nights
Slumber Cloud UltraCool Comforter $259Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali KingNylon, spandex and polyester fiber fill300YesYes60 Nights
Silk and Snow Down Alternative Comforter $110Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali KingCotton, down-like microfillNot specifiedYesYes100 Nights
Brooklinen Down Alternative Comforter $269Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali KingWhite goose and duck feathers, cotton shell400NoYes365 Nights
Sijo AiryWeight Eucalyptus Comforter $235Full/Queen, King/Cali KingTencel, nylon and fiberNot specifiedNoYes30 Days
Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter $499Twin, Full/Queen, KingBamboo ViscoseNot specifiedNoYes100 Nights
Birch Natural Down Duvet Insert $399Full/Queen, King/Cali KingWhite down, woolNot specifiedYesNot specified100 Nights
Layla Down Alternative Comforter $229Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cali KingCotton shell, down alternative300YesYes30 Nights
Casper Lightweight Humidity Fighting Duvet $349Full/Queen, King/Cali KingCotton shell, Merino wool and down fillNot specifiedYesNot specified30 Nights
Coop Sleep Goods Cool+ Blanket $169Full/Queen, King/Cali KingPolyester, nylon, spandex blendNot specifiedYesYes100 Nights
Sleep Number True Temp Blanket $160Queen, KingCotton, polyester300YesNot specified100 Nights

Best cooling comforters FAQ

What is the best material for a comforter to keep you cool?

The best cooling comforters will be made out of cotton, bamboo, linen, eucalyptus or microfiber. Cooling covers will be made of nylon, polyester or spandex. Steer clear of heavy comforters. 

Do cooling comforters actually work?

Some cooling comforters may feel cool to the touch, but this sensation won't last all night long. The material inside the cooling comforter is what works. These types of comforters are made from material that won't retain body heat and remain temperature-neutral. A cool-to-the-touch cover is only an added bonus. 

How much do cooling comforters cost?

You can find cheap cooling comforters for around $50 on Amazon, but the higher quality comforters that will actually regulate your temperature can cost you anywhere from $150 to $300. Hot sleepers should look for cooling comforters made of materials that won't retain heat, such as flannel, wool and down that's not lightweight.  

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.