In an ever-changing, tech-driven world, CNET explains, demystifies and guides everyone to improve their lives.

CNET is a trusted digital media publication that provides expert information, reviews and analysis on consumer technologies, services and trends, to help you find exactly what you are looking for. For nearly 30 years, CNET has covered a wide range of topics, including consumer electronics, smart home, money, wellness and more.

CNET’s team of editors, reporters and content creators offer expert product reviews, how-to guides, videos and news articles that help consumers make informed decisions about technology-related purchases and stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

We anticipate what's next and act first.

All About Computers
CNET goes on-air to give audiences knowledge on all things computing.
News and Gaming
We add news and gaming coverage to our portfolio of expertise becoming among the first to talk about gaming online.
The Mobile Boom
We expand our tech coverage to include phones. Do you remember your Nokia 3310?
Car Tech
CNET was the first tech-focused publication to review cars, predicting cars would become the biggest computer you’d ever buy.
How To
Advice for using tech in everyday life becomes part of our staple content. Today, we cover how-tos beyond tech.
Welcome Home
We go beyond the smart home and talk about food, wellness and making your house a home.
Money Talks
Crypto, credit cards, AutoPay - it's clear our relationship with money evolved, so we're guiding you through it.
Feeling Refreshed
We took some time to rediscover who we are. We’re curious experts who help make our world useful.

It all stems from our experts.

Get to know a few of our experts who are here to help you discover something useful.
Meet More Experts
Trey Paul
Broadband Expert
Trey clues you in on internet providers and services.
Kim Wong-Shing
Wellness Expert
Kim makes the complicated world of wellness easy.
Katie Collins
Tech News Expert
Katie's our European reporter who covers Big Tech and more.
Nelson Aguilar
Software Expert
Nelson tells you how to get the most out of all your apps.
Lisa Eadicicco
Mobile Expert
Lisa simplifies mobile decisions so you get what's best for you, now.
David Katzmaier
TVs Expert
David gives you the lowdown about the best TVs for your money.
Stephen Shankland
Tech Expert
Stephen digs deep into subjects from AI to chips, browsers to drones.

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Sources: Comscore Worldwide Desktop/Mobile, Full Year 2023; CNET Group Internal Global Data, 2023

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