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Humane's AI Pin: Unboxed and Tested
Humane's AI Pin: Unboxed and Tested
Humane's AI Pin: Unboxed and Tested
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Connie Guglielmo is CNET's head of AI editorial strategy. She puts the spotlight on the latest and most important developments in artificial intelligence.

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A series of instructions that allows a computer program to learn and analyze data in a particular way, such as recognizing patterns, to then learn from it and accomplish tasks on its own.


What exactly is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, from a company called OpenAI, is an online chatbot that responds to "prompts" -- text requests that you type. ChatGPT has countless uses: You can request relationship advice, a summarized history of punk rock or an explanation of the ocean's tides. It's particularly good at writing software, and it can also handle some other technical tasks, like creating 3D models. Beyond that, it can produce more overtly creative output like screenplays, poetry, jokes and student essays. ChatGPT is referred to as a generative AI because it generates these responses on its own.

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What happened to Google Bard?

Bard debuted in early 2023 as Google's response to OpenAI's ChatGPT and Microsoft's AI efforts with Bing. In February 2024, Google changed the name from Bard to Gemini, in part to reflect its upgraded foundation in the company's Gemini large language model. Along with the name change, Google introduced a premium, paid Gemini version called Ultra and new Gemini apps for Android and iOS. Google said Gemini might misidentify itself as Bard as it struggles with self-awareness during the transition period.

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What are the AI features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup?

A key element of the S24 line, which debuted in January 2024, is Galaxy AI, an umbrella term for a collection of new features powered by generative AI. The biggest areas where you'll see it at work on the Galaxy S24 are in its photo-editing features, language translation capabilities and a new feature called Circle to Search, which lets you launch a Google search just by circling an object on screen.

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What's up with AI in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has introduced new experimental AI features intended to make your online web browsing experience more organized. These include the ability to automatically sort tabs in specific groups, a feature that allows AI to create custom themes and the option to ask Chrome to help you write text, such as a restaurant review, with just a few keywords.

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