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The Great Apple AI Divide Is Coming
The Great Apple AI Divide Is Coming
The Great Apple AI Divide Is Coming
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Connie Guglielmo is CNET's head of AI editorial strategy. She puts the spotlight on the latest and most important developments in artificial intelligence.

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artificial general intelligence, or AGI

A concept that suggests a more advanced version of AI than we know today, one that can perform tasks much better than humans while also teaching and advancing its own capabilities.


What is an AI hallucination?

A generative AI model "hallucinates" when it delivers false or misleading information. This happens because of how the models are trained, on massive amounts of data, like articles, books, code and social media posts. In creating its response to a prompt, the AI makes inferences about what words should come next, but it lacks contextual information so it may generate wording that seems plausible but isn't true. Hallucinations can also result from improper training and/or biased or insufficient data, which leave the model unprepared to answer certain questions.

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What is GPT-4o and how does it relate to ChatGPT?

GPT-4o (the o is for "omni") is the May 2024 update from OpenAI to the AI engine that powers ChatGPT, and it's two times faster than GPT-4 Turbo, which debuted in late 2023. Your prompts can include any combination of text, audio, images and video, and the responses generated will be able to include similar combinations. According to OpenAI, GPT-4o brings "GPT-4-level intelligence to everything" including the free version of ChatGPT, though paying customers will get five times the capacity. New real-time speech functionality means you can interact with ChatGPT in a more conversational way.

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What is Google's AI Overviews feature?

AI Overviews is a new spin on Google search. Instead of having to ask multiple questions and then getting multiple search results pages, you can ask something more complex up front. In response to your query, generative AI presents a tidy summation, researched and written in seconds. It also provides links to its sources for the answer, and Google's traditional links appear below that. Think of it as a sort of TL;DR for your search.

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What are the AI features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup?

A key element of the S24 line, which debuted in January 2024, is Galaxy AI, an umbrella term for a collection of new features powered by generative AI. The biggest areas where you'll see it at work on the Galaxy S24 are in its photo-editing features, language translation capabilities and a new feature called Circle to Search, which lets you launch a Google search just by circling an object on screen.

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