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Best Verizon Plans: How to Choose and Which Ones to Pick

Verizon has a variety of plans. We try to make sense of them all.

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Best Verizon plan for most people: Unlimited Welcome
$65 per month for one line, $120 per month for four lines
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Verizon Unlimited Plus
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Looking for a wireless plan from Verizon isn't as simple as just going into a store or online and picking one out. Verizon, like all of the major US carriers, offers a wide variety of different options even under the promise of "unlimited" talk, text and data. It's within that premise that things can quickly get messy. 

After a variety of changes over the years, Verizon today has three main unlimited plans, all with similar names but with different offerings and prices: Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Ultimate. Welcome can be considered the base, Plus the middle and Ultimate the high-end. 

So which plan should you choose? Let's break it down. 

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What about Unlimited Ultimate?

Verizon's latest top plan, called Unlimited Ultimate, is its priciest. A single line runs $90 per month, while if you have four lines on an account it would be $55 for the Ultimate line each month (in both cases assuming you have automatic payments and paper-free billing enabled).

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What about cable companies?

Xfinity Mobile, Cox Mobile and Spectrum Mobile all run on Verizon's network and could be options depending on where you live.

Do I need to change my Verizon plan when I upgrade my phone?

You don't necessarily need to change plans when you upgrade your phone, but you may need to move plans if you want Verizon's best deals.

Are there discounts to lower my Verizon bill?

Yes, Verizon offers a variety of discounts depending on your age, employer or profession. Nurses, teachers, military, first responders, college students and more can take advantage of various programs that could save you significant money on your bill. Florida residents can also save if they are over 55 years old.