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Best Smart Thermostat Deals: Google Nest, GE Lighting Cync and More Starting at $82

Ditch your old thermostat for one of these upgraded smart thermostats that can help you save energy all year long.

Smart thermostats are a great way to save money on your energy bills while heating your home. These Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-connected thermostats are frequently discounted, so you can start saving (or give the gift of savings) without too much upfront cost.

Smart thermostat options have proliferated over the last few years, but all allow you to take control of your home's temperature via your phone or your voice. Thanks to integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, there's a smart thermostat for every home, no matter which ecosystem you're plugged into. 

We've rounded up some of the best smart thermostat deals currently available with devices to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

Best smart thermostat deals


Those aiming to balance smarts and price need look no further than the Google Nest Thermostat. The attractively designed thermostat offers Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support, easy scheduling options and tips on how you could tweak your usage to save some cash. While it doesn't adapt to your habits automatically like the Nest Learning Thermostat does, it's half the price and boasts most of the features the average homeowner needs.

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Though it has now been replaced by a pair of new models in Ecobee's lineup, the previous-gen Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control is still a solid option for those looking to save a few bucks. It features support for the big three smart home platforms, and has both Alexa and Siri support built right in. It can adapt to your daily routines to save energy, and the included SmartSensor can detect the temperature and number of people in whichever room you place it in. 

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With a color display and touchscreen controls, the Emerson Sensi Touch is an inexpensive option worth considering thanks to its current savings. Despite its relatively low price, the device doesn't skimp on smart features with support for Alexa, Google Assistant and HomeKit.

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Ecobee's 3 Lite Smart Thermostat is still the entry-level option in the company's lineup. Though it doesn't offer voice control built in, you can still use your existing smart speakers or your smartphone to control it via Alexa, Google Assistant or HomeKit.

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The Nest Learning Thermostat is Google's premier thermostat. You get all the functionality of the cheaper Google Nest thermostat and a few more bells and whistles. The Learning Thermostat works with Google Assistant and Alexa, and learns your schedule and makes adjustments to your heating and cooling settings accordingly.

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The Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit and offers reliable performance and a solid app. The device also pairs with Honeywell's remote humidity, proximity and temperature sensors which are some of the smartest sensor accessories around. Smart thermostat and sensor bundles are also available. 

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GE Lighting

The GE Cync smart thermostat debuted earlier this year at CES. It's a Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled thermostat that works with Alexa and Google Home and has a touchscreen display. It doesn't require a C-wire, which should make for easier installation than some other smart thermostats listed here. 

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Can a smart thermostat actually lower my bills?

Replacing your dumb thermostat with a smarter alternative, without modifying your usage habits, won't automatically reduce your energy bills. That being said, smart thermostats offer a variety of features that will help you figure out changes you can make to your energy usage patterns to help you shave a few bucks off your bills. 

These include simple scheduling features that are probably easier to use than the ones offered by your old-school thermostat, as well as smart home and away modes that automatically adjust energy usage based on your proximity. 

Outside of smart features, the extra information and more accessible controls provided by a smart thermostat allow you to be more readily able to make the most of opportunities to save some energy and thereby some cash. 

How easy is it to install a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat's ease of installation can vary greatly and depends on your existing HVAC system and the thermostat you choose to go with. If you're not comfortable with minor electrical work, it's always best to call in a professional electrician.

Most smart thermostats do, however, offer step-by-step guidance for a DIY installation and can be completed by anyone comfortable with some basic wiring. Our guide to installing the Nest Smart Thermostat can give you an idea of the process, though it may vary for different systems and thermostat options. 

Before you buy any smart thermostat, it's best to check that it's compatible with your HVAC system.