The Best Products of 2017

Choosing the right device can be tricky, but we're here to help.

The best phones you need to consider for 2017

These are the top-rated phones on CNET right now.

Best smart home devices of 2017

From smart locks to smart lights, we've reviewed all kinds of connected home products this year. This category is growing rapidly, but here are our favorites so far.

Best TVs of 2017

We review a lot of TVs here at CNET, but the list below represents only the best.

Best media streamers of 2017

We've limited the list to standalone streamers, but be aware that lots of other home theater devices are competent streamers these days, from Blu-ray players to game consoles.

Best hard drives and storage devices of 2017

The devices on this page represent the best in their respective categories.

Best wireless routers of 2017

These are the top routers that support the new 802.11ac standard on the market. Since there aren't that many of them, all of those on this list are the best of their kind.

Best speakers of 2017

Great speakers come in all shapes and sizes. We've rounded up our favorite picks from sound bars, wireless speakers, and even full surround-sound systems in this master list of speaker types, so your audio system can get as big or small as you want.

Best stoves of 2017

We've seen a lot of stoves in the CNET Appliance test kitchen this year. Here are some of our recommendations if you're looking to upgrade your cooking.

Best small appliances of 2017

Whether you want a pot of coffee, a pizza or a steak dinner, you can find a great option to make your taste buds happy with one of our favorite small appliances.

Best vacuum cleaners of 2017

The CNET Appliances team has reviewed all kinds of upright vacuums, stick vacuums, and robot vacuums. Here are the stand-outs within all three categories.

Best printers of 2017

Whether you want a high-quality printer, an all-in-one workhorse, a compact photo printer, or a simple single-function inkjet, we've got you covered.

Best tablets of 2017

Here's a collection of the tablets rated highest by CNET editors. Visit our tablet page for all the latest news, and be sure to see our list of the Best Android tablets, highlighting only Android OS devices.

Best Blu-ray players of 2017

Here you'll find a list of our favorite Blu-ray players, with a heavy emphasis on value.

Best MP3 players of 2017

There's no one-size-fits-all MP3 or Portable Media Player (PMP) that's perfect for everybody. Whether you want something that plays MP3s, hi-res FLAC files, or even streams music from the web, there's something to suit most budgets.

Best digital cameras of 2017

As the name implies, here's where you find the best of the best, our top digital cameras across the board.

Best AV receivers of 2017

While you can pay thousands of dollars for an AV receiver we've focused on the best bang-for-your-buck models between $200 and $1,000. You'll generally get five to eight HDMI inputs, built-in networking functionality and automatic speaker calibration.

Best coffee makers of 2017

Don't fret! Whether it's high style you crave, having the most features, or you simply value brewing performance above all, there's a coffee maker here that's perfect for your needs.

Best wearable tech of 2017

A list of the highest rated smartwatches and fitness trackers as tested by CNET editors.

Best blenders of 2017

Making smoothies? How about some pesto? Maybe almond butter? Find the best blender for what you want to make.

Best refrigerators of 2017

Need a new fridge? Here are our top ten picks of the year.

Best monitors of 2017

The monitors listed below represent our favorites of the ones we've reviewed.

Best e-book readers of 2017

You have several e-reader options, but few we can enthusiastically recommend.

Best drones of 2017

Drones, quadcopters, unmanned aerial vehicles. Whatever you call them, there are more to choose from than ever before. Here are the models we can recommend after testing.

Best universal remotes of 2017

These remotes represent the best of the bunch, so you can find the perfect remote that lets you banish all those clickers to a drawer--forever.

Best desktops of 2017

The PCs in this list represent what we consider the current best examples in computing design, and they're more than just the sum of their parts.

Best GPS systems of 2017

We've selected our Top 5 picks for in-car GPS navigation systems. We will frequently update this list as we review new GPS devices, so check back often.

Best camcorders of 2017

CNET editors choose the best GoPro models, action cameras, and camcorders of 2016.

Best DVRs of 2017

CNET's picks for the best DVRs you can buy that don't come from a cable or satellite company.

Best video game consoles of 2017

Here are the absolute best video game consoles to buy for 2016.

Best Bluetooth headsets of 2017

Not only do they enable hands-free chatting, they also free you from dealing with tangled wires as you would have to with a regular headset. Here's a list of the Bluetooth headsets we liked best.

Best home audio products of 2017

We've selected standout products that represent some of the best values in the home audio arena.

Best home video products of 2017

We've chosen a cross-section of some of the best home video devices to round out any home theater.

Best laptops of 2017

You can dive into the various subcategories here for detailed suggestions for every need and budget, but on this page, we present the current laptops that are our personal favorites, because of style, power, value, or just because we like them.

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