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Purported Apple Watch Pro Renderings Suggest Extra Button

Images appear to show a larger screen, as well.

The new Apple Watch Pro?

Purported renderings of the forthcoming Apple Watch Pro were published on the internet Monday, offering credence to rumors that the device will add a new button.


There seems to be an extra button her, but for what?


The renders, obtained by notable leaker 91Mobiles, appear to show an extra button on the left side of the frame near a speaker vent, although the purpose of the extra button isn't known. The renders also show a large, flat display with slim bezels, perhaps confirming reports that the device will have a larger 1.99-inch display and a larger 47mm casing.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Reports have circulated that Apple will launch a high-end Apple Watch marketed toward athletes with a larger display, sturdier design and longer battery life.

If Apple does plan to release an Apple Watch Pro this year, we'll likely find out about it at the company's "Far Out" launch event, which is scheduled for Wednesday.