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Oooops. This is why your Galaxy S7 needs a case

We know better than to carry some phones without a case, like the glass-backed Samsung Galaxy S7. But we did anyway -- and suffered.

Josh Miller

So there I was, minding my own business, when all of a sudden -- and I'm still not sure how, but I'm klutzy, so that's probably answer enough -- the Samsung Galaxy S7 fell from my hand to the floor with a slam. And cracked its glass backing. Badly.

"Well, duh", you're probably thinking. "That's what happens when you drop a phone several feet onto tile."

Ouch! This is not what any new phone owner wants to see.

Josh Miller/CNET

But I was a little surprised, probably in denial. When I initially tested the phone in London, it fell the same distance onto a wooden floor in a pub and remained beautiful and blemish-free. I noted then that bashing itself on a harder surface would probably incur some real damage...and it did.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I should have had a case lined up, but I hadn't gotten around to it and that's my fault. I (somewhat recklessly) ran my hands around the shattered backing to see if any glass protruded. No cuts here, and the backing is still mostly smooth, minus a few rough patches.

The good news: Even fractured, the S7 is still 100 percent usable. But I'm getting a case ASAP to cover my shame.

The moral of the story: S7 and S7 Edge owners, don't be me. Get a case! Now! If you need some suggestions, my colleague David Carnoy rounded up a bunch of them (below).