Bluetrek Bizz: The spork of Bluetooth headsets

Ever bemused your mates with your additiction to converged devices? It's time to confuse them even more by buying a Bluetooth headset that doubles up as a USB flash drive

Andrew Lim

Remember the spork, a cross between a spoon and a fork? Always fans of shovelling stuff into ourselves more efficiently, we loved the idea, but it never really took off, did it? The Bluetrek Bizz is trying the same trick: it's a Blutooth headset with a built-in USB flash drive, although under spork naming conventions should have been called the USBlue.

We like the idea almost as much as the spork, but we're not sure if this will ever be any more successful. The Bizz is a comfortable headset that works as expected and the added USB functionality is rather useful, eliminating the need to carry two devices.

The Bizz also works as a microSD card reader, because it has a microSD slot that acts as the USB drive's memory. If you've got pictures stored on a microSD card on your phone, you can take it out and use the Bizz to transfer them to a computer.

It's a clever idea, but as with the spork, it's one that might not inspire you to replace your current cutlery of USB drive and Bluetooth headset. But if you love the idea of an all-in-one lifestyle, you can pick one up for about £28 online. -Andrew Lim