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2009 Geneva auto show, with an English accent

Stories from the 2009 Geneva auto show posted by CNET U.K.

At last week's Geneva auto show, we posted photos and wrote up details of the latest cars and concepts. But if you want to experience the show with an English accent, our CNET U.K. colleagues were on hand as well. Here is a selection of their coverage:

Sbarra Orbital Hybrid packs HUD but no hubs
We've got video of the ludicrous Sbarro Orbital Hybrid--the concept vehicle that looks and (probably) performs like a Formula One car, but is actually kind to the environment

Honda CR-Z: Hybrid sports car
Honda, purveyor of the Insight and Civic hybrids, may soon release the CR-Z--an amazing-looking hybrid car that promises good fuel economy, low emissions, and "spirited" performance

Hummer H2 Flexpower eco-tank
Gas-guzzling Hummers are rather passe in this time of belt-tightening and eco-friendly motoring. In this video, we caught up with the company to find out how its latest mini-tank will use biofuel

Protoscar Lampo: Part Lambo, part lamp
The Protoscar Lampo is a two-seater cabriolet that charges about on an electrical charge from its two battery motors. And it's rather quick.

Nissan Cube: A series of Cubes
The Nissan Cube has softened its Borg-style design cues to head for European shores. It still keeps the cool asymmetric rear window though

Nissan Connect: Steering wheel adjusts volume, skips tracks, also steers
Nissan's Connect music-integration system is making its debut in the Note and Micra, turning these cars into iPod docks on wheels. Just remember to keep your eyes on the road

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