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Yamaha Digital Sound Projector YSP-3000 review: Yamaha Digital Sound Projector YSP-3000

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The Good Yamaha's single-speaker surround system features 21 1.5-inch "beam" drivers, two 4-inch woofers, built-in digital amplifiers, and proprietary surround processing; eliminates the need for an AV receiver; 1080p HDMI switching; FM radio and XM radio capability; autosetup with the supplied microphone.

The Bad Skimpy connectivity; no onscreen setup menu via HDMI; lacks the dynamic oomph of an equivalently priced 5.1 channel system; lacks finesse on two channel music; you'll probably have to add a subwoofer.

The Bottom Line If you can look past its limited video capabilities, the Yamaha YSP-3000 is an otherwise recommendable single-speaker solution for home theater buyers who don't want a traditional 5.1 channel surround system.

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7.4 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7

Editors' note: As of July 2008, Yamaha has released a follow-up product, the YSP-3050. That model is almost identical to the YSP-3000 reviewed here, but it offers the noteworthy upgrade of analog-to-digital HDMI video conversion.

Editors' note 11/12/2009: The rating of the Yamaha YSP-3000 has been changed since publication to better reflect its value compared to competing home theater systems.

Now that almost every audio company is selling a "surround bar"--that is, a single, long speaker that attempts to mimic the enveloping sound of a real 5.1 system--it's easy to forget just how new the technology is. Yamaha was the first to roll out a consumer-oriented sound bar back at CES 2005, and CNET declared the Yamaha YSP-1 a "Next Big Thing" finalist and went on to give a solid rating. The issues we had on the YSP-1 are pretty much the same ones we have with all surround bars--they're usually expensive and don't sound that great with music.

Yamaha is still a leader in the surround bar market, and the company has reshuffled its YSP single-speaker surround lineup for 2008. The YSP-3000 ($1,000 list, $700 street), the subject of this review, fits between the no-frills, entry-level YSP-900 ($700 list, $500 street), and the fully loaded YSP-4000 ($1,600 list, $1,100 street). The YSP-3000 boasts 1080p HDMI switching, XM satellite radio compatibility, and an FM tuner. Like all YSP speakers, the YSP-3000 speaker has built-in power amplifiers and proprietary signal processing. Just hook up your HDMI video source--DVD, Blu-ray player, game console, or cable box--and you're good to go. No need to buy an AV receiver (though non-HDMI sources will have to be run directly to the TV).

A perforated metal grille covers most of the YSP-3000's front panel; below the grille there's an LCD readout that relates volume level and processing status, and farther to the right is a volume control and an input selector. The speaker feels solidly constructed, and its 25.4-pound weight feels surprisingly heavy for its size. The speaker is 31.5 inches wide, 6.1inches high, and 5.9 inches deep, which is not quite as long as some other sound bars we've tested, but it may be too tall to fit under some TVs. If that's a problem for you, the YSP-300 can be wall mounted with the optional SPM-K30 bracket.

The included remote control is pretty good for enthusiasts, but those who are less tech-savvy may be intimidated by its numerous buttons and functions. We liked that we could directly adjust individual channel volume levels and that the remote could also control a TV. On the downside, the input buttons are small, the remote isn't backlit, and there's little differentiation of button size within each section, making it difficult to navigate by feel. Of course, you can always upgrade to a quality universal remote.

We like the included remote, but we wish the buttons had more differentiation.

The YSP-3000's 21 1.5-inch microdrivers create surround sound by bouncing the front-left, front-right, and surround channels' sound off your room's walls; the center channel's sound is projected directly from the YSP-3000 to the listening position. Your room's acoustics can play a significant role in the sound you hear; bare walls work best, and objects in the room, such as chairs, drapes, or furniture, may adversely affect the quality of the surround sound. If your room is pretty cluttered with stuff, you may want to opt for a sound bar that doesn't use sound reflection technology, such as the Polk SurroundBar 50 or Definitive Technology SSA-50. The YSP-3000's bass is supplied by a pair of 4-inch woofers, and both the microdrivers and woofers are each powered by their own digital amplifier, with total power rated at 82 watts.

Yamaha's IntelliBeam autosetup and calibration system couldn't be easier to use. Just bring up the onscreen menu, plug in the supplied microphone, and the automated procedure takes just a few minutes to complete. While the autosetup worked quite well, we managed to improve the sound by tweaking the manual setup adjustments. If your dealer has qualified technicians, they might be able to eke out better performance than you'll get with the autosetup. Surround processing modes include Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, DTS Neo:6, Neural Surround, and Yamaha's proprietary Cinema DSP technology. Audiophiles will note there's no support for the newest Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack formats, but we're betting most audiophiles will be sticking with separate speakers anyway.

Autosetup is a cinch with the supplied microphone, but power users can get a little more performance from manual tweaks.

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