Brave New World trailer from NBC's Peacock is decadent, creepy sci-fi

The first batch of originals for NBCUniversal's new streaming service includes a reboot of Aldous Huxley's classic.

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Eric Mack

NBCUniversal on Thursday dropped one of the most intriguing trailers for its new Peacock streaming service: a retelling of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley's classic tale of a dystopia disguised as a utopia.

"Brave New World imagines a utopian society that has achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money, family, and history itself," reads a description of the show

Although originally published in 1931, the science fiction novel imagines a futuristic world with technologies that might not seem too far off today, and a population that's literally opiated by a drug called Soma. These days we might wonder if such opiates come in the form of the endless selection of streaming series available to binge.

According to Deadline, the series has been in the works for almost half a decade and has bounced around among networks before finally landing with the new streaming service.   

The new series premieres July 15, the day Peacock launches, and stars Demi Moore, Harry Lloyd, Jessica Brown Findlay from Downton Abbey, and Alden Ehrenreich, who also played the lead in Solo: A Star Wars Story

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