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This Bluetooth boombox at Walmart is one Cyber Monday deal you shouldn't miss

The Anker Soundcore Select Pro is sweet mini boombox Bluetooth speaker that's selling for only $50 or half off its list price of $100.


The Anker Select Pro has an integrated light show. 

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We didn't see a whole lot of good Bluetooth speaker sales for Black Friday this year and the Cyber Monday Bluetooth speaker deals aren't much better. But this former Black Friday deal (and now a Cyber Monday deal) is worth checking out: Anker's fully waterproof Soundcore Select Pro mini Bluetooth speaker with LED lighting is only $50 at Walmart. Normally, it retails for $100. 

I haven't tried the Soundcore Select Pro, but I have used the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom. The two speakers appear to be the same except for a few notable differences. The Select Pro has a smaller rechargeable battery -- 6,700mAh instead of the Motion Boom's 10,000mAh battery. That reduces the Select Pro's battery life to 16 hours instead of 24 hours for the Motion Boom at moderate volume levels. The smaller battery also makes the speaker a little lighter.

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Additionally, you can't pair two Select Pro speakers to create a stereo pair, although you can link the Select Pro to other Soundcore Bluetooth speakers to augment the sound. With the Motion Boom you can create a stereo pair. On a more positive note, the Select Pro does have those LEDs that "blink and dance to create a beat-driven light show."  

If both speakers were available at their nonsale prices, I'd tell you to get the Motion Boom for $10 more (yes, it's $110 right now). But the Select Pro is only $50. That's a good deal for this speaker.

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