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The Roku Streambar on sale again for $99 (save $31)

Roku's go-to speaker is once again available for 23% off.


If you're on the lookout for a soundbar which is also a streamer, and want to spend less than $100, there is currently only one option -- the Roku Streambar. Thankfully, this soundbar (normally $129) is also a great one.

The Streambar debuted in Ocober 2020 and has spent the intervening time yo-yoing between $130 and $99. While it's excellent value at $130, at $99 it's outstanding.

As a speaker it's an instant upgrade on your TV with excellent dialogue, and you can add extra speakers like a subwoofer later if you want to. The Streambar is also an outstanding streamer with nearly every channel available for your HDMI-equipped TV -- from Netflix to Disney Plus to Peacock to HBO Max, and everything in between -- at full 4K resolution with HDR support. While standalone YouTube TV is unavailable right now, the service is available from inside the standard YouTube app. If your TV isn't 4K, it doesn't matter, in fact it will be even better if it isn't as the apps on most HD TVs will likely be less up to date than on the Roku. 

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