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Save $100 on an Apple Watch: Best Buy; gift card at Target

The Apple Watch hasn't even been around for a year, but it's already on sale. A hundred bucks off brings the price of the Sport model down to Android Wear watch territory: a good deal indeed for one of the best smartwatches on the market, and a fun accessory for iPhone owners.

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Samsung Gear S2 for for $250, a savings of $50: Best Buy

One of our favorite new smartwatches gets a little more attractive with an extra $50 savings. For a brand-new watch, a nice deal.

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Fitbit Charge HR for $120 ($30 off): Best Buy, Walmart, Target

Great deal on what may well be the best all-around fitness tracker available. The Charge HR was already priced nicely for its combination of pedometer, sleep tracking and heart rate: now it's a must-get.

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Pebble Time for $130 (save $70): Best Buy, Target

The Pebble Time can be worn in the shower or while swimming, has an always-on screen, works with iPhones or Android phones, and has a battery that lasts nearly a week. You can spend up for the slightly fancier Time Steel, but at $130 this is one of the best smartwatch deals of Black Friday.

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Jawbone Up 3 for $100 (down from $179): Amazon

The Jawbone Up3 adds heart rate tracking that was missing from the less-expensive Up2, but it's not active heart rate tracking like you might expect: instead, it measures passive and resting heart rate. It's not worth a big upsell over the Up2, but at only $100, we'll gladly buy the Up3.

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Moto 360 (2015 version) $50 gift card with purchase: Best Buy

The newest Moto 360 is also one of the best Android Wear watches you can buy right now: getting a $50 gift card too feels like a little bonus.

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Huawei Watch for $300 (save $50): Best Buy

Again, a top Android Wear watch with a little kickback savings. This Huawei model looks the most like high-end jewelry, and has an extra-crisp display.

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Fitbit Surge for $200 ($50 off): Best Buy, Target

The Surge is a weird hybrid of fitness tracker and semi-smartwatch, but Obama likes it. We do too, for the right price. Its benefits are a larger screen and stand-alone GPS: at this price, it's a decent deal.

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Fitbit Zip for $39 ($20 off): Best Buy, Walmart

Beware the older, cheaper fitness trackers: they lack features. But if you like Fitbit's app and want a basic clip-on pedometer, the Zip is still pretty darn good.

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Jawbone Up2 for $50 (down from $100): Best Buy

We love Jawbone Up as a wellness and lifestyle-coaching app: it's smart, well-designed, and hooks into tons of other apps. The Up2 is your cheapest decent ticket into that ecosystem. But keep in mind: this isn't the redesigned Up2 band that was just re-released, but a tweener design that's been replaced. It's still less than a year old and works well, though. Solid value pick.

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Misfit Flash for $15 (down from $30): Best Buy

The Flash was our favorite super-cheap tracker for its long battery life and nearly disposable price: at $15, it now costs less than some lunches we've had recently.

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Pebble (original) for $70 (save $30): Best Buy

This older Pebble has been kicking around since 2013, but it still does most of the things newer Pebbles do, with a black and white screen. A new software update coming soon should add other features as well. We'd rather see this hit $50, but not bad.

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