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Best Home AV Black Friday deals

Avoid the crowds of Black Friday and shop online instead with some of the best deals for AV and home audio gear. From Blu-ray players to speakers to DVRs these deals cover the gamut of some of our favorite gadgets.

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Channel Master DVR

Channel Master makes one of the best DVRs for cord-cutters, and it is reducing the price from $249 to $199 for one or $299 for two. This deal is available for 4 hours on Black Friday on the Channel Master store.

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Sony BDP-S5500

Want a cheap Blu-ray player that you can also game on? Try the BDP-S5500, which is reduced on Amazon from $100 to $75 and features Sony's own PlayStation Now game streaming service.

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Polk T50 towers

The Polk T50 towers aim to be a sonically more exciting alternative to the Pioneer SP-FS52 towers, and with the new Black Friday price of $80 each at they're even more affordable.


TiVo Roamio

Want to cut the cord but want to keep a lifeline just in case? The TiVo Roamio offers the best DVR experience yet and has both OTA and cable tuners. It's available for $199 from TiVo (or $149 for a refurbished model) with one year of service.


Vizio 5.1 sound bar

Sound bars have an inherent problem; they can't reproduce surround sound. But this isn't the case for the Vizio SB4051-c0, which features dedicated surround speakers and is an excellent value at its Black Friday price of $228 at Best Buy.

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Taylor Swift 1989

Not a gadget, but getting one of the biggest CDs of 2015 for 7 bucks at Amazon is not too shabby at all.

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