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Vitamix is offering reconditioned blenders for just $200 (while supplies last)

That's $150 off the sticker price.

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If you talk to a Vitamix owner, there's a good chance they'll be more than ready to gush over their blender investment for as long as you'll let them -- myself included. I say "investment" because, as amazing as they are, they aren't cheap. You'll spend between $350 to $600 for a new Vitamix blender, but right now the company is selling certified reconditioned Vitamix Explorians for less than $200 (until they run out of stock).

The Explorian is the brand's entry model but it's still one of the most powerful home blenders you can buy. Its 10 variable speeds allow you to refine texture with incredible precision, from smooth purées to thicker soups. The powerful 2.2-horsepower motor can handle the thickest, densest of ingredients, completely macerating raw almonds and whole grains in seconds.

Vitamix is calling this the Friends and Family Sales Event, and dropping the price on its powerful reconditioned Explorian to less than $200 (reconditioned models usually sell for $290) with special code SAVENOW to be applied at checkout. If you're suspicious about refurbished products in general, we did a deep dive into Vitamix's refurbishing process that may provide some helpful insights. 

Note the refurbished Explorian also comes with a free three-year warranty. Don't forget to use code SAVENOW at checkout for this special offer.