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Black Friday 2019 deal: Ryan Reynolds (yes, Deadpool) will give you 3 months of phone service for $45

Deadpool said it best: "With great power comes great merchandising opportunity."

- 01:26

Thanks, Deadpool!

Mint Mobile

News of the weird: Ryan Reynolds, the man inside Deadpool's red-so-bad-guys-can't-see-him-bleed suit, just purchased an ownership stake in mobile carrier Mint Mobile. And apparently he's a cheapskate at heart, because Mint is currently running a pretty sweet promotion: The 12GB plan for $15 per month for the first three months.

For those unfamiliar with the carrier, Mint offers service for GSM-compatible phones (otherwise known as those compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile). It runs on T-Mobile's network.

You pay for service in either three-, six- or 12-month blocks. After your three-month trial rate, you can keep the 12GB plan (at $75 for another three-month block, less if you prepay for longer periods) or switch to a less expensive 3GB or 8GB plan. The latter, for example, costs $240 if you purchase a 12-month block -- an amortized rate of $20 per month.

All the plans include unlimited calls and text messages, and Mint also gives you mobile hotspot at no extra charge. (The data pulls from your monthly allotment.)

I haven't used Mint myself, but every time I write about it, Cheapskate readers enthusiastically recommend it. So you made a good pick, Reynolds. Now can you get going on Deadpool 3, please?

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