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Amazon Fire

One of the cheapest deals you'll find is for the already-cheap Amazon Fire. It's not the best tablets, but it is one of the best deals.

On a regular day, you can pick up the 7-inch Amazon Fire tablet for $50, but on Black Friday it'll only cost you a mere $35 on Amazon and at Best Buy.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

A slight step up from the Amazon Fire is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. It's a simple tablet that'll work fine if you're just interested in checking email and surfing the Web.

The 7-inch model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will be on sale at Best Buy for $119

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Another Samsung tablet suitable for casual use is the Galaxy Tab A. It's a bit slimmer and sleeker than the Galaxy Tab 4 (previous slide), and it features a 4:3 aspect ratio screen, like the Apple iPads, making it a better choice if you plan on using it to read a lot.

Best Buy and Sam's Club are offering the 8-inch model for $179 and the 9.7-inch model for $229.

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Apple iPad Air 2

Apple iPads don't come cheap, so Black Friday deals are a great way to save on one. The iPad Air 2 -- not to be confused with the gigantic (and expensive) iPad Pro -- will be on sale at a few locations.

Over at Best Buy, the 16GB and 64GB models are knocked down $100, which are usually priced $487 and $587, respectively, while the 128GB, typically found for $687, is reduced by $125.

64GB iPad Air 2 in Gold with Wi-Fi for only $449. That's $150 off the retail price of $599. If Gold isn't your shade, you can also pick up the 16GB model in Space Gray, Silver or Gold for $374.

At Sam's Club you'll save $150 on the 64GB or 128GB models.

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Apple iPad Mini 2

The Apple iPad Mini 4 was released earlier this year, but that doesn't mean the iPad Mini 2 isn't still worth a consideration. The 7.9-inch tablet still rocks a super-sharp screen and can be upgraded to Apple's latest operating system, iOS 9.

The 16GB iPad Mini 2 will be $199 at Walmart and at Staples for $239.

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Apple iPad Mini 4

You can also find a deal on the latest iPad Mini. It's thinner, lighter and faster than ever.

Staples is offering the iPad Mini 4 at $299 for the 16GB version.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung's latest tablet is its best iPad imitator yet. The Galaxy Tab S2 is sleek and lightweight with smooth performance and a sharp HD screen.

You can find the 8-inch model at Best Buy for $349, and the 9.7-inch model costs a bit more, at $399.

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Microsoft Surface 3

If you want a tablet to replace your laptop, look no further than the Microsoft Surface. Though it's an older model, this Surface 3 will satisfy students and writer-types alike. Just know, the magnetic keyboard is sold sperately.

Best Buy will have the 64GB model on sale for $399, and the 128GB for $499. Deep discount available at Microsoft Store.

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