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Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze Review 2024: Classic Memory Feel That Will Keep You Cool

The Pro Breeze mattress is one of Tempur-Pedic's high-end mattresses promising contouring support and a cool night's sleep. Does it deliver?

Owen Poole Senior Video Producer
Owen Poole, a Certified Sleep Science Coach and proclaimed mattress expert, has been producing sleep video content in the wellness space for over three years. After earning his certification from the Spencer Institute and dedicating hundreds of hours to sleep research, he has extensive knowledge on the topic and how to improve your quality of rest. Having more experience with lying on mattresses than most, Owen has reviewed over 150 beds and a variety of different sleep products including pillows, mattress toppers and sheets. Before he was writing about sleep, he graduated as a Digital Communication Arts major from Oregon State University. The current mattress Owen sleeps on is the Casper Nova Hybrid since it helps keep his spine in a comfortable, neutral position. When Owen isn't reviewing products, he loves to run, cycle and cook healthy food. Pizza is his kryptonite.
Owen Poole
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Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze


  • Active cooling materials
  • Dense memory foam feel
  • Hybrid option
  • Reputable brand

Don't like

  • Not everyone enjoys memory foam
  • Quite expensive
  • Fewer firmness options than other Tempur-Pedic mattresses

Tempur-Pedic is easily one of the recognizable mattress brands and popularized using memory foam as a comfort material in mattresses and Tempur-Pedic has been around for a long time. The brand has traditionally been brick-and-mortar focused but now has a similar online buying experience to online-only brands. 

The Pro Breeze is one of two mattresses in the "Breeze" lineup and is similar to the beds in the "Adapt" lineup but with additional cooling features. I have actually been sleeping on the Tempur Pro Breeze for six months and I have been enjoying it a lot and can confirm its cooling qualities.

First impressions of the Tempur Pro Breeze mattress

Our team had tested older models of the Pro and Luxe Breeze, and I was pretty surprised when we received newer versions from the brand. At first glance, they didn't seem at all different from the ones we tested previously -- and aside from having enhanced cooling features and a few small (but useful) details, the beds didn't change much.

This mattress also shipped a bit differently than most beds via white glove delivery. We didn't have to deal with unboxing or unbagging the mattress, and there was no off-gassing process. The Tempur Cloud mattress is the only bed from Tempur-Pedic that arrives in a bag (most beds arrive in a box, but the bag is functionally the same). This meant that we were able to get started on testing it right away and get an idea of its firmness profile.

Also, it was immediately apparent that the cooling factor was very strong on this mattress.

Video: Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze mattress review

Watch me review the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Pro Breeze mattress in this video review.

Tempur-Pedic Tempur Pro Breeze construction and feel

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

The Tempur Pro Breeze mattress has a fairly simple construction; there aren't a lot of layers going on under the cover. On the base model, there is a roughly six-inch-thick layer of dense support foam, which is what we usually see with all-foam mattresses.

There is a hybrid model of the Tempur Pro Breeze that replaces the support foam with a layer of pocketed coils. The support layer you choose won't impact the feel like some other mattresses. Coils will simply be the better option for heavier people (220+ pounds) because the coils provide more long-term support and durability.

Above the support layer, be it coils or foam, there will be a layer of what Tempur-Pedic calls "ventilated advanced relief material," which is functionally a transition layer of memory foam. Above this layer is a layer of "pure cool material," which is a cooling memory foam. 

Tempur-Pedic, like many brands, has fancy names for its materials, but the foams are essentially just memory foams. Tempur-Pedic is one of the original pioneers of memory foam mattresses and has been around for decades, so calling its proprietary material "just memory foam" is not meant to be a slight. It's just what it is. 

A classic, dense memory foam feel is exactly what you'll get on the Tempur Pro Breeze and any of the other mattresses from Tempur-Pedic. When you first lay down on it, the bed will feel pretty firm at first (especially if your room is cold), and then you'll slowly start to sink into the top layers of foam as it conforms to your body's shape. It has a body-conforming quality that can relieve pressure on joints like your hips, shoulders and even your lower back.

The hallmark of a classic memory foam like this is its lack of responsiveness. When you press down on it and remove your hand, the foam takes a significant amount of time to snap back into its original shape. This can deter some sleepers from tossing and turning at night, which can lead to more restful sleep, but conversely, some sleepers sometimes report feeling "stuck" in a memory foam bed like the ProAdapt. It comes down to personal preference with a distinct feel like this.

When I first started testing mattresses, I was not a fan of this type of feel in my mattress. The "stuck" feeling was something that really turned me off, but now that I have been sleeping on the Pro Breeze for the past six months, I see the appeal. I find that I will fall asleep in a specific position, usually on my left side, and I will wake up in the same place and feel well-rested the next day. 

Again, it's not for everyone, but you may get used to the feeling, like I have.

Tempur Pro Breeze mattress firmness and sleeper types

The Pro Breeze mattress only comes in one firmness profile, which is one of the biggest differences between the Pro Breeze and the expensive Luxe Breeze, which comes in three different firmness options. 

The Pro Breeze is available in a "medium," and in our testing, we found it to be very descriptive and found it to be a flat medium on our scale. This means it should work fairly well for all sleeper types, back, stomach, side and combination. 

And again, after sleeping on this for six months, the medium profile works for me as a primary side sleeper and for my partner, who sleeps roughly 50/50 on their side and stomach. 

There will be plenty of sleepers who want something softer or firmer than medium, and for that, you'll want either the Luxe Breeze mattress or one of the mattresses in the "Adapt" line like the Pro Adapt. 

Tempur Pro Breeze performance

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Edge support

During testing, we didn't notice any red flags in the edge support department. Although the memory foam comfort layers compress and conform to your body's shape, we didn't observe any roll sensation on the Pro Breeze mattress.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation is one of the factors that Tempur-Pedic, as a brand, is known for. If you're in your 30s, like me, you might remember these old commercials from Tempur-Pedic showing off this feature, and we have to say that it lives up to the hype.

The primary reason I made the switch to Tempur-Pedic at home was because my partner is a light sleeper and struggled on our previous mattress, and the Pro Breeze has worked extremely well at motion isolation and is easily one of the best we've ever tested.

Temperature regulation

The Pro Breeze mattress is a cool sleeping bed, and it is the primary selling point of the Breeze beds over the Adapt line of mattresses. 

The cover is quite cool to the touch, and you will notice it through a layer of sheets. According to Tempur-Pedic, the mattress will help you sleep up to five degrees cooler than a mattress without these cooling features. I can't vouch for the exact five-degree number, but it works. 

It works so well that during the winter months, I found it to be too cold. A really nice quality-of-life feature the mattress has is that the cooling part of the cover can be easily unzipped to remove some of the cooling effects. 

Overall, the cooling nature of the Pro Breeze mattress is very appealing and gives sleepers an additional level of control by making the cover removable.

Tempur Pro Breeze mattress pricing

Size Measurements (inches)Price
Twin Long 38 x 80 inches$4,099
Queen 60 x 80 inches$4,599
King 76 x 80 inches$5,299
Cal king 72 x 84 inches$5,299
Split king 76 x 80 inches$8,198
Split Cal king 72 x 84 inches$8,198

There is no getting around the fact that Tempur-Pedic is an expensive brand. Even its most affordable bed is more expensive than a lot of beds that we test. The Breeze mattresses are the most expensive mattresses from Tempur-Pedic, and even though the Pro Breeze is more affordable than the Luxe Breeze, that doesn't mean it's affordable in general. Know that if you're interested in this bed or Tempur-Pedic as a brand, you need to have a decent amount of money to spend on it, especially if you want the best cooling options.

We sometimes see these beds go on sale, especially around major holidays like Black Friday, Independence Day and President's Day, so make sure to look at our mattress deals page to see the latest.

Tempur Pro Breeze mattress policies

Free shipping

You won't be paying any extra upfront cost for shipping the Pro Breeze mattress, but its delivery method is quite a bit different than most beds. It might still arrive in a box, but it won't be rolled packed in plastic, and a local delivery team will do all the heavy lifting to set up the bed and will even take away your old mattress if you want them to. 

90-night trial 

All TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses come with a slightly shorter than standard 90-night trial period to determine if you actually like the mattress and want to keep it long-term. 

Keep in mind that it can take a month or longer for your body to adjust to a new mattress, no matter how well-suited it is to your sleeping preferences. It took about a month and a half for me to get used to sleeping on this bed, and I knew in the first two months that I wouldn't be replacing it, so I think 90 nights is enough, but other brands do offer longer trials. 

Return policy

At any point after the first 30 nights post-delivery you decide the mattress isn't for you for any reason, you can return it and get a refund minus a return fee of at least $175, which is steeper than what we usually see with brands that don't have free returns.


All Tempur-Pedic mattresses, including the Pro Breeze, are backed by a standard 10-year warranty. If you buy a mattress online, a 10-year warranty is the minimum you should expect.

Final verdict

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

The Tempur Pro Breeze is undoubtedly an exceptional mattress for anyone seeking out a classic memory foam feel. Due to the high price, this mattress is best suited to specific people, especially hot sleepers. 

You can get the same type of feel and firmness from much more affordable mattresses like the Tempur Adapt and the Pro Adapt that don't sleep quite as cool, but are solidly good for the majority of people and can save you over a thousand dollars. You are really spending up for the cooling factor on the Pro Breeze mattress, and if cooling features aren't important to you, then the Pro Breeze doesn't make sense. 

For hot sleepers who are looking for a memory foam mattress and are interested in a trusted, decades-old mattress brand and have a larger mattress shopping budget, then the Pro Breeze is one of the best options on the market. 

You might like the Tempur Pro Breeze mattress if:

  • You enjoy the feel of memory foam
  • You are a hot sleeper looking for cooling features
  • You want a mattress from a longstanding brand
  • You are a light sleeper who wants excellent motion isolation

You might not like the Tempur Pro Breeze mattress if:

  • You don't like memory foam
  • You want a firm or a soft mattress (it only comes in a medium)
  • You are shopping on a tight budget

Other mattresses from Tempur-Pedic

Tempur Cloud: This mattress is the most affordable bed in the Tempur-Pedic lineup. It features the same dense memory foam feel as the Pro Breeze and comes in a medium and medium hybrid model. The biggest difference between the Cloud and the rest of the Tempur-Pedic mattress is that it is shipped roll-packed in plastic and inside of a large bag as opposed to white glove delivery. It is Tempur-Pedic's answer to other bed-in-a-box brands. The Tempur Cloud also doesn't feature any noticeable cooling factor and sleeps somewhat warm, in my opinion.

Tempur Luxe Breeze: This mattress is the enhanced version of the Pro Breeze and is the most high-end mattress available from Tempur-Pedic. The biggest difference between the Pro and the Luxe is that the Luxe features three different firmness options: a soft, a medium and a firm (along with a medium hybrid). The Luxe is also supposed to have a stronger cooling factor, up to ten degrees cooler instead of five. Having tested them both, I do think the Luxe Breeze is slightly cooler, but the most significant difference is the firmness options. 

How does the Tempur Pro Breeze compare to similar mattresses?

Pro Breeze vs. Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf is the premium memory foam option available from the brand Saatva. It has a more responsive memory foam feel in comparison to the Pro Breeze mattress, thanks to its quilted pillow top design, but you still get a nice sink-in quality. The Pro Breeze has a much stronger cooling factor. The Loom & Leaf mattress does have a cooling strip in the center third of the mattress to improve temperature regulation, but it can't compete with the Pro Breeze in this category. Loom & Leaf also comes in two firmness options; both of them do feel pretty firm.

Pro Breeze vs. GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Luxe is the premium, cooling memory foam option available from the brand GhostBed. It is roughly the same firmness as the Tempur Pro Breeze and has a similar feel, although the Pro Breeze is more classic memory foam, and the GhostBed Luxe has a more responsive feel thanks to its quilted pillow-top. I find the Pro Breeze mattress to have a stronger cooling factor, but the GhostBed Luxe does a great job of keeping you cool throughout the night. GhostBed is also the more affordable brand in comparison to Tempur-Pedic. 

Tempur-Pedic Pro Breeze mattress FAQs

Can I find Tempur-Pedic beds in stores?

Yes, Tempur-Pedic stores exist in many areas in the US and can be found at other physical mattress stores.

Does the Pro Breeze mattress sleep cool?

Yes, the Pro Breeze has a cover with a phase change material that is cool to the touch and also has breathable foams and is one of the coolest sleeping beds we've tested.

Is Tempur-Pedic good for couples?

Yes, as long as you both agree on a dense memory foam feel, all Tempur-Pedic beds have excellent motion isolation, which is great for couples.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.