Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2022

Get great sleep all night with these top-rated brands for belly sleepers.

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If you typically sleep on your stomach and have found yourself struggling with strain and discomfort in your neck, it may be because you're sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress. A proper mattress for stomach sleepers will provide sufficient support and prevent your midsection from sinking deeper than the rest of your body, helping to alleviate strain. All the mattresses you'll find on this list have proved themselves capable of giving stomach sleepers a comfortable night's rest. 

Some common ways to achieve a good night's sleep, whether you're a combination sleeper or tend to exclusively find yourself in the stomach-sleeping position, are with an innerspring mattress with ample coil infrastructure or something with similarly firm mattress support. Additionally, it helps to find mattresses with the best type of pressure-relieving qualities and proper spinal support for stomach sleep -- as well as cooling properties for hot sleepers and as many extras as you can find.

Note the prices listed in our recommendations for the best mattress for stomach sleepers are for queen mattress sizes.

Lindsay Boyers/CNET

Type: Hybrid mattress
Firmness: 3 firmness levels | Plush Soft: Medium or 5 | Luxury Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: Firm or 9/10
Trial: 180 nights
Warranty: 15-year limited warranty
Price (queen): $1,492

The simple yet elegant Saatva Classic mattress tops our list of favorites as the best mattress for stomach sleepers. With its supportive innerspring coils and plush comfort layer of softness on top, the Saatva has the perfect combination of features to provide a belly sleeper with a restful night's slumber. Please note that although the Saatva is a supportive mattress that is customizable for any sleep position or combination sleeper, stomach sleepers should be sure to choose Firmness Option 8 or higher for best results.

Each layer of the Saatva is carefully crafted to serve a specific purpose. Its comfort layer of memory foam and pocketed coil help reduce motion transfer. From its sturdy foundation of tempered steel coils, to its patented spinal zone of dense memory foam in the middle, to its sumptuous upper layer covered in microbial organic cotton and more, this mattress provides optimal durability, excellent pressure relief, superior breathability and minimal motion transfer. 

The Saatva Classic is also unusual in that instead of arriving inside a box, it's actually delivered and set up with hands-on, white-glove care, both available with easy scheduling and free disposal of your old mattress. You can relax and enjoy a 180-day trial period to decide whether you really want to keep the Saatva, then return it for a $99 transportation fee if not. This Saatva mattress is compatible with an adjustable base. 

Cheaper innerspring mattresses do exist, but this Saatva mattress is an American-made wonder of luxury with sought-after customizations and other features, plus a 15-year warranty to boot. Read more in our full Saatva mattress review

My Slumber Yard

Type: Poly foam hybrid mattress
Firmness: 5 or Medium
Trial: 100 nights 
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Price (queen): $1,099   

There's no surprise that Helix has won so many awards from the likes of GQ to Apartment Therapy on down to Wirecutter and Men's Health, with its personalized matching system at the core of its wide appeal. To find the perfect Helix mattress, begin with the Helix Sleep Quiz, where you enter information about your weight and height, preferred sleeping position, age and more. Then it will suggest the best mattress type model and firmness level based upon your answers. 

The Helix system matches stomach sleepers to specific mattresses with extra support to help with spinal alignment. While there are a few suitable options here, the Dawn is the best stomach sleeper mattress choice for support if you're a stomach sleeper. And similar to other varieties we've covered, Helix mattresses come with a generous 100-night risk-free sleep trial to see if you really want to keep them. If you don't? No worries! Just let Helix know and it'll pick the mattress up and issue you a full refund. 

Additional perks to ordering a Helix include:

  • It's made in the US.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It comes with free shipping in the continental US.
  • There's financing available for the credit-worthy.
  • It's OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it's passed testing for harmful chemicals, so you can rest assured it's healthy enough to lie your head upon at night.

Read more in our full Helix mattress review.


Type: Flippable latex foam
Firmness: 2 firmness levels | Luxury Plush: Medium-firm or 7 | Gentle Firm: Firm or 9-10
Trial: 180 nights
Warranty: 20-year warranty
Price (queen): $2,372

Consisting entirely of natural Talalay latex, the Zenhaven mattress from Saatva has two-in-one sleeping technology, meaning there are two different sides, or "comfort levels," for your convenience. One of them, the "Gentle Firm" side, with a mattress firmness rating of 9 to 10, is an excellent match for a stomach sleeper. The other side is the "Luxury Plush" side, with a firmness rating of 6 to 7. 

More durable than most foams, Talalay latex is a remarkably luxurious material. Naturally hypoallergenic, this latex foam is also known for its pressure-relieving properties, mold and dust mite resistance, and antimicrobial qualities. In the flippable Zenhaven mattress, only nontoxic, high quality materials are used to provide pressure-free support and superb motion isolation. Customers can also expect considerable joint and lower back pain relief, along with exceedingly breathable organic cotton and New Zealand wool for natural temperature regulation. The Zenhaven Saatva mattress is also certified to be free of harmful chemicals. 

Similar to other Saatva mattress choices, the Zenhaven mattress is available for a 180-day sleep trial. If you decide during that time that the Zenhaven isn't for you, just let the company know and it will pick it up for only a $99 transportation fee. This works the same way if you want to exchange your mattress for a different one. The Zenhaven also comes with a 20-year warranty. 

According to some reviews, white-glove delivery is the preferred delivery option, due to the Zenhaven being somewhat heavy and awkward to maneuver. To get white-glove delivery, just select the free mattress and foundation removal option at checkout. 

Brooklyn Bedding

Type: Flippable foam mattress
Firmness: 2 firmness levels | Medium-firm or 7 | Firm or 9-10
Trial: 120 nights 
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Price (queen): $1,119

Another flippable option on our list is Brooklyn Bedding's Plank, a mattress designed to keep the spinal alignment in a neutral, pressure-reducing position through its firm and ultrafirm surfaces. It's likely that anyone with a need for firm support while they sleep could benefit from a Plank mattress -- such as stomach sleepers. 

A hot sleeper will enjoy maximum cooling on the firmer mattress side, with an innovative component featuring a phase change molecule fabric (i.e., the optional cooling panel) that can be sewn on if desired. Seven inches of high density foam for durability and two inches of TitanFlex comfort foam also come together between two types of stitching to ensure minimal loft and optimal firmness on both top and bottom surfaces. 

According to the Brooklyn Bedding site, the Plank was "inspired by the minimalist approach to sleep in the Far East," and, "the firmer, flatter, flippable surface of the Plank mattress creates a neutral spine position that's better for your back and posture overall." The site goes on to explain that the only sleep surface that's firmer than a Plank would be the actual floor itself, which some people do traditionally sleep on, but probably wouldn't provide sufficient pressure relief compared to the Plank.

The Plank's on-site customer reviews indicate those in pain, either joint or back, experienced relief within a short period of time sleeping on the Plank. Offering two firmness levels and optional cooling panels, and crafted of a latex alternative that is said to provide deep compression support, each side of the Plank is designed to have minimal loft and optimal firmness.

Plank shoppers can also look forward to convenient bed-in-a-box delivery, a 120-night risk-free sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.


Type: Memory foam mattress
Firmness: 6 or Medium to Medium-firm
Trial: 365 nights 
Warranty: Lifetime warranty
Price (queen): $799

A little more affordable than some of our other favorites, but still high quality, the Nectar mattress is a sturdy yet soft sleep experience ideal for stomach sleepers. A randomized survey from July 2020 on their site found that nine out of 10 back-pain sufferers shared that their Nectar memory foam mattress "helped them some or a lot." It also revealed that "90% of customers said their Nectar mattress helped reduce overall aches, stiffness, soreness or discomfort." As that comes directly from the company, take that with a grain of salt. So how does it work? 

The Nectar's five layers of premium materials are compiled to create maximum breathability and air flow -- including a poly-blend quilted cover, a 3-inch of gel foam layer, 2 inches of supportive foam, a base layer 7 inches of standard foam and a slip-resistant bottom cover. The memory foam contours gently around the curves of your body while cutting-edge cooling and heat-wicking technology lets you sleep easy and sweat-free through the night, alleviating the pressures of the day to help you wake up pain-free. And all of it comes with free shipping and free returns to your doorstep.

Reviews from stomach sleepers on the company's site rave that their Nectar mattress allows them to sleep well through the night when they once experienced insomnia, wake up fully rested and energized without as much pain in their bodies (some even said 95% less pain), and enjoy that the mattress is both supportive and soft in exactly the right places. The heavier sleeper can get ultimate comfort with this Nectar's mattress layers that have the ideal ratio of softness and firmness. This is also the best cooling mattress with a quilted cool cover and cooling technology.

What's more, the Nectar not only gives a generous free trial for an entire year, but it comes with a Forever Warranty. So if impressions develop in your memory foam larger or deeper than 1.5 inches, you can replace it for free anytime. Read more in our full Nectar mattress review.

Slumber Yard

Type: Hybrid mattress
Firmness: 6 or Medium to Medium-firm
Trial: 100 nights 
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Price (queen): $2,399

Next in our belly sleeper lineup for achieving the best stomach sleeping comfort level comes the mattress with all the fun commercials, the beloved Purple mattress. And in investigating Purple's website for mattresses, the Hybrid and Hybrid Premier stand out as being of particular interest to us as stomach sleepers. Our review of the Purple Hybrid, aka the Purple 2, found that it's the firmest of the company's latest hybrid options, and is perfect for stomach and back sleepers, as well as combination sleepers. The Purple mattress is also impressively breathable and helps hot sleepers stay cool until morning, regardless of body type.

In our review, we referenced a list of those likely to prefer the Purple Hybrid. This included primarily:

  • Body types in need of extra support, such as those over 230 pounds
  • Hot sleepers
  • Stomach, back and combination sleepers 

Upon closer inspection, the Responsive Support Coils in the Purple Hybrid section give us just the right impression of their purpose. The coils are quick to reshape once you move or change position, giving a consistent source of support. Turning to the Purple Hybrid Premier, we see there is a choice of a 3- or 4-inch Purple Grid (made of Purple's proprietary, hyper-elastic, temperature-neutral gel), which gives support as needed and keeps stomach sleepers properly aligned. In a nutshell, the Purple Grid and coils combo allows for the pressure relief of the joints and areas like the shoulders while supporting all the other parts of the body. 

Purple offers a bevy of great perks as well, like free shipping and returns, a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. It's also hypoallergenic, made in the US and nontoxic. Read more in our full Purple Hybrid mattress review.

Bear Mattress

Type: Memory foam mattress
Firmness: 6 or Medium to Medium-firm
Trial: 100 nights 
Warranty: 10-year warranty
Price (queen): $699

For the person who sleeps on their stomach and loves a good value, the Bear Original mattress seems to be the best in class.

Looking closer at the Bear Original, we can see the layers are similar to those we've read about in other mattress descriptions above, with a layer of high-density support foam on bottom (for support and durability), Responsive Transition Foam for pressure relief (like the coils and contouring of memory foam we discussed earlier), Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam (temperature-regulating), topped with a breathable Celliant Cover (see details below) to help recover from injury, torn or sore muscles, so customers can get better and build upon their current performance and skills. 

The Bear Original has three layers, 10 inches of height and comprises only memory foam (no coils). It comes in a Medium-Firm consistency, described on the company site as "very comfortable and supportive but not too hard." 

According to the Bear site, Celliant technology has been determined by the Food and Drug Administration to be a medical device. It's useful in helping athletes recover more quickly from strains and injuries, as well as helping them wake up more energetically. Through a process involving patented technology, the bedding fibers into which Celliant is infused convert the body's natural heat energy into infrared light. The light is then emitted into the body, which begins a healing process. The best part? It's in every Bear mattress and won't ever wash or wear out. This sets it apart from almost every other foam mattress, but it's more affordable than most popular foam mattresses. . 

Along with your Bear Original, expect to receive a 100-night trial period, interest-free financing for those with the required credit scores, free shipping, hassle-free, fee-free returns, premium made-in-the-US quality, and certifications from both GreenGuard Gold and CertiPUR, guaranteeing an environmentally conscious and virtually scent-free product. It also comes with a 10-year warranty. Read more in our full Bear Original mattress review

Estate Rockwell

Type: Hybrid mattress
Firmness: Multiple firmness levels
Trial: 120 nights
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Price (queen): $1,999

Stearns & Foster brings an understated opulence to the mattress realm with the Estate Rockwell. Available in three options of "standard luxury feels" (Firm, Plush and Ultra Firm), and "pillow top luxury feels" (PT Firm and PT Plush), the Estate Rockwell works well for all sleeping positions, including the stomach sleepers we know and love. These mattresses include an exclusive foam created by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic for Stearns & Foster called the Indulge Memory Foam, known to allow sleepers to enjoy a more refreshing slumber. Overall, the 15-inch Estate Rockwell with the Pillow Top Firm selection is durable, medium-firm and keeps the stomach sleeper's spine aligned properly.

Buyer reviews of this mattress from stomach sleepers confirm this, and further explain that the mattress helps alleviate pain to boot. Read more in our Stearns & Foster mattress review

This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. If a defect is covered under this warranty, the company will replace or repair the mattress.


Type: Memory foam hybrid mattress
Firmness: 5 or Medium
Trial: 365 nights 
Warranty: Lifetime warranty 
Price (queen): $999

We end with a luxury hybrid, the DreamCloud. Starting with a five-layer design including premium memory foam, individually encased innerspring coils, high-density gel memory foam, foam for low motion transfer, a solid foam base for a foundation and a cover of cashmere blend, this unique blend provides body-hugging contours as well as strong support and cooling qualities. 

Along with these high-quality elements, any purchase of a DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress includes free shipping and returns and a full year's home sleep trial -- that's right, 365 days. Not only that, but it comes with a lifetime warranty, too. If you ever find a flaw in your mattress, DreamCloud will repair or replace it. Also, they are known to run some pretty great discounts, so the retail price listed often isn't the price you pay. Read our full DreamCloud mattress review for more. 

Other mattresses we've tested

Our CNET Sleep editors are the brains behind our mattress best lists. They've tested over 100 different beds and have countless hours of experience under their belts. This enables them to create honest and unbiased mattress roundups that include their favorite picks. The beds listed below are additional mattresses tested by CNET that just barely missed the cut. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress: Brooklyn Bedding is one of the only online bedding brands that manufactures its own beds, giving it the ability to sell beds at lower prices than the competitors. The Signature mattress is a hybrid bed that boasts over 1,000 pocketed coils and comfortable layers of foam that provide a neutral-foam feel. It's comfortable, quality and the best part is its price. It costs around the same (sometimes less) than popular foam mattresses. It's also offered in three different firmness levels, making it suitable for side, back, stomach and combination sleepers. 

Loom & Leaf mattress: Brought to you by the luxurious mattress brands Saatva, the Loom & Leaf mattress is made with foam materials but it's incredibly thick. It has a memory foam feel that sleeps cooler than your typical memory foam bed because of its layer of cooling gel. Stomach sleepers, I think, will really enjoy the firm profile it offers. You have the option between two firm firmness levels: Relaxed Firm and Firm, which come out to medium-firm and firm. 

Allswell mattress: The Allswell mattress is a wallet-friendly bed from Walmart, the masters of low-price retail products. The Allswell is one of the most affordable beds I've come across, but it's made with quality materials including pocketed coils that sit in the base layer of the bed. It's slightly on the firm side, but not too firm that it doesn't offer pressure relief. I'd rate this bed around a medium-firm or 6 to 7, making it ideal for stomach sleepers who want to keep a neutrally aligned spine. 

How we test

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about based on editorial merit. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Read more on how we test mattresses.

Stomach sleeper mattress FAQs

What mattress types are good for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleepers should favor beds that offer ample support like hybrid mattresses that combine coils and foam, or supportive foam beds. There isn't a particular type of foam that works best for stomach sleepers, as it primarily depends on the feel you're looking for. There are plenty of firm memory foam, poly foam and latex foam mattresses on the market. 

What mattress firmness is best for stomach sleepers?

Medium to firm mattresses are best for stomach sleepers because they keep your spine in a neutral alignment, preventing it from sagging into the bed, which can promote back pain. Beds with a medium firmness level offer a balanced level of pressure relief and support, while firm beds offer maximum support. 

Do stomach sleepers need a pillow?

The best pillow for stomach sleepers is a thin one, like pillows made with down, because they keep the neck in a straight alignment with the spine. A tall pillow will keep your neck kinked all night, a common culprit of neck pain. Unless you're extra petite, however, you'll probably want some kind of pillow. 

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