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Avocado Mattress Review: Organic With a Luxury Feel

The Avocado Green is a top seller in the organic mattress world. Here's what it's like to sleep on it.

Avocado Green mattress
Avocado Green/Melissa Kruse

Avocado has been leading the way in the organic mattress world, largely by making products in its own California-based facility and maintaining control over the entire supply chain. Unlike conventional mattresses, organic mattresses are made with natural materials like wool and latex, plus they're free of any potentially toxic foams, chemical fire retardants or off-gassing materials. Avocado currently makes seven different mattresses, plus bedding, bed frames and furniture. 

When I tried out the original Avocado Green mattress for myself, I found that it either met or exceeded my expectations in almost all categories. Keep reading our in-depth Avocado mattress review to find out if the Green mattress is the best choice for you.

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Avocado Green mattress


  • Organic materials
  • Firm, but not too firm
  • Comfortable in most sleeping positions
  • Great edge support

Don't Like

  • Motion transfer isn't great
  • May be too firm for lighter people

First impressions

The Avocado Green mattress decompressed pretty much instantly upon unboxing, and it let off zero off-gassing smell. When I laid down for the first time, I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed. It wasn't too soft or too firm, and I felt well-supported. As I shifted into each of the different sleeping positions, they all felt nice, but my favorite position (stomach) felt best for me as usual. I noticed that the mattress wasn't too firm to accommodate my softer body parts. 

This mattress is rated 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale, which means it has a medium-firm feel (called "gentle firm" on the Avocado site). This is great for anyone experiencing back pain, or heavier sleepers or if you're a back or stomach sleeper.

The Avocado Green's density rating of a 7 out of 10 also makes it perfect for a stomach sleeper or back sleeper, so it makes sense that I felt most comfy in that position. 

If you find it to be too firm, keep in mind that the Avocado Green comes with an optional pillow top component to give a little extra cushion and pressure relief. If you've recently purchased one, do give it time, as some reviews have mentioned that the mattress grew more comfortable after a few weeks of sleeping on it. 


The Avocado Green mattress can come with an optional pillow top for those that like a softer feel.

KJ Callihan/CNET

Edge support and motion transfer 

I tried sitting on and lying close to the edges of the Avocado Green to test the edge support, and felt nicely supported on each area of the mattress. I didn't feel like I was going to roll off at any point while I slept on it, either. This didn't really surprise me after reading about the Avocado Green mattress on the company website, where it describes that the supportive coils are arranged all the way to the edges of the mattress.

But the mattress didn't perform extremely well for my motion isolation testing, which clashed with my expectations from others' reviews about it. As I slowly moved around or rose to stand up from the bed, I noticed the flat-bottomed glass of water I had placed beside me could not be trusted to remain upright. The Avocado Green had very little to brag about motion transfer-wise, at least in the twin size. This is fine with me as I sleep alone, but may not be a great attribute if your sleeping partner is restless on a larger mattress. 

The materials

With any organic mattress, materials are an important factor to consider. The Avocado Green mattress consists of eco-friendly natural materials, including certified organic Dunlop latex, GOTS organic wool and organic cotton, as well as an innovative innerspring mattress unit with five strategic support zones. Due to the design of the innerspring unit and the support zones, the Avocado Green need never be flipped. Rather, it is recommended that you rotate it.

The breathable, organic cotton cover is the first part you'll notice upon unboxing, and the rosettes on top of it are a lovely touch. (Watch your cat around them if you have a mischievous boy like mine -- he managed to unravel one before I realized I needed to keep the mattress covered in his presence.) 


These hand-tufted rosettes hold the mattress together without the need for glues or adhesives.

KJ Callihan/CNET

These wool rosettes are actually the end result of ribbons that have been pulled through more than 30 locations inside the mattress. This process holds the layers together without the need for toxic glues or adhesives. Both clever and attractive, the process is officially called "needle-tufting," a technique that originated in the 17th century, per Avocado.

Inside the mattress are two layers of organic latex, two inches of which can be found on the upper comfort layer, plus a one-inch layer in the base. Between those layers are the covered pocketed coils and a few inches of cushy organic wool. 

There are two upholstered handles sewn onto both sides of the Avocado mattress, which make it much easier to move it around. You can't see them underneath a fitted sheet either. Nice!

Temperature comfort 

I am a bonafide hot sleeper, and I found myself very comfortable lying on this mattress, staying cool throughout the night without a single thought about being too warm. I suspect it's the combination of the latex and coil springs that promote optimal breathability in the Avocado mattress, allowing it to remain cool all night. 

Eco-friendly features

Avocado works in too many eco-friendly ways to name all of them here, but here are just some of the ways it's earned a reputation as one of the top eco-friendly mattress brands on the market.

  • Its primary materials (organic cotton, wool and latex) are 100% certified organic. 
  • Avocado makes all of its products in a California factory, which runs on renewable energy.
  • Avocado's mattresses have earned a slew of environmental certifications. All of the mattresses are GREENGUARD Gold certified -- guaranteeing low emissions -- and they're Fair Trade Certified. 
  • The company owns or co-owns its entire supply chain, including part of a farmer's society in India where it makes its own natural latex, which is later processed in a co-owned facility. Wool is grown in its own Himalayan herding collective of over 200,000 sheep on over 40,000 hectares of organic pasture. 

The Avocado Green is pricier than some conventional bed-in-a-box mattresses, but worth the money.

KJ Callihan/CNET


Avocado mattress pricing

Size Measurements (inches) Price
Twin 38x75 inches $1,099
Twin XL 38x80 inches $1,199
Full 54x74 inches $1,399
Queen 60x80 inches $1,599
King 76x80 inches $2,099
Cal king 72x84 inches $2,099

Starting at $999 for a twin size, this natural mattress is slightly pricier than some other bed-in-a-box brands. But the high-quality materials and eco-conscious perks make it worth the price, if you can afford it. Like organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive at the grocery store, so are organic and natural mattresses, considering the extra care it took to manufacture the beds. Every once in a while, you can catch an Avocado promo. 

Trial, shipping and warranty

You can get free shipping or pay extra for in-home service if you'd like Avocado workers to assemble your new bed and remove your old mattress for you. 

When you purchase an Avocado mattress, you get a full one-year sleep trial. This means you can try sleeping on it for an entire year before you decide whether you really want to keep it or not -- yep, that's 365 days. If you don't like it, get in touch with Avocado and it will make arrangements for your refund and mattress pickup. Be sure to keep the mattress in good condition, because it will most likely be donated to someone else. You also get a 25-year warranty, free shipping and returns. 

The Avocado Green mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. 

The final verdict

In conclusion, if the Avocado Green mattress is in your price range for a new organic mattress, I highly recommend it.

You might like the Avocado Green mattress if:

  • You sleep on your back or stomach.
  • You have a larger body (up to 350 pounds).
  • Organic, eco-friendly or fair trade products are important to you.
  • You have allergies or health concerns.
  • You have back pain.
  • You prefer a medium-firm feel to your mattress (it's a latex hybrid mattress, so there is some "bounce" to it; if you like that feel, this is for you).

You might not like the Avocado Green mattress if:

  • You sleep on your side.
  • You share a bed with a partner who moves a lot.
  • You're on a strict budget.
  • You weigh less than 130 pounds (you may find it too firm).
  • You prefer a vegan mattress (Avocado does make a vegan version, though, which is made without wool).

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