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Motorola's Black Friday in July sale puts discounts on every phone

If you want $400 off the new foldable Motorola Razr, you're in luck.

Marta Franco/CNET

Motorola has joined a growing list of companies with "Black Friday in July" sales going on this week. This year, Motorola is focused on delivering discounts on each of its phones during this summer sale. You can find deals on every device in the lineup, including its premium folding Razr phone. Here's a quick look at the best offers we found, all on Amazon:

While each of these phones are great, they are designed for different kinds of phone users. The Motorola Razr is for people who want to experience the bleeding edge of phone tech no matter the cost, while the Moto G Power is for folks who value battery life above all. The Motorola One 5G Ace is a great budget phone for someone who still wants a decent camera and 5G performance, while the Moto G Stylus is purely for creative people who need to be able to write something down or sketch out an idea on the go. (See CNET's full reviews at those links.)

Whichever is the phone for you, this sale will make owning one just a little bit easier.

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