Could a 'Smart' Pillow Use AI to Stop Your Snoring?

At CES 2024, DeRucci introduced its new line of smart sleeping products, including a pillow to counter snoring.

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Caroline Igo
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DeRUCCI's Anti-Snoring Pillow

The antisnoring pillow uses an app and a remote control to position your head before you fall asleep.


Of all the hundreds of sleeping productsbedding and accessories I've tested at CNET, I've never seen anything like what Chinese-based health company DeRucci debuted at CES 2024. The company says it's created the world's first smart, anti-snoring pillow.

DeRucci's new line of sleep health technologies was first announced Dec. 14 in a press release. Its smart sleep products -- including its smart mattress, intelligent height-adjustable pillow, AI sleep monitoring, intelligent voice control panels and curtain tracks -- were unveiled at CES 2024 last Tuesday

DeRucci is a sleep health company with a mission to "Let people sleep better." Founded in 2004, the company has since collaborated with international medical organizations and research institutions to bring its products to market. Within the last year, DeRucci has released 12 new AI mattresses. It also sells custom bedding to over 17 countries and regions worldwide. 

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Smart pillow combats snoring 

The anti-snoring pillow is one of the new, coolest products at CES this year. The pillow works by monitoring for slight movement that may indicate snoring. When it recognizes that a sleeper is snoring, it intervenes by adjusting the loft and moving the position of a sleeper's head. In addition to reducing snoring, the goal is to reduce the risk of sleep apnea. 

The Anti-Snore Smart Pillow pairs with an app and remote to manually move your head to a comfortable position before you fall asleep. According to an internal clinical study, the company says its pillow can reduce snoring up to 89%. 

Smart mattress alerts you about your health 

T11 Pro Mattress from DeRUCCI

The DeRucci T11 Pro smart mattress monitors changes in your sleep position overnight. 


In addition to its smart pillow, DeRucci's smart mattress made headway, earning a CES 2024 Innovation Award. The DeRucci T11 Pro contains patented AI technology, which DeRucci says "adjusts to the individual's health for optimal sleep," in addition to alerting an individual about potential health issues arising from their sleep data. 

The T11 Pro incorporates 23 embedded sensors that monitor small changes in temperature, sleep position and heart rate throughout the night. It also has a layer of air bags that respond to changes in position to better support your spine, neck and hips. 

The T11 Pro wasn't the only smart mattress on display at CES. Check out the Sleepinbody-Incline Smart Mattress i4 from Anssil. 

Future of sleep monitoring technology 

A brochure for the T11 Pro Mattress

A brochure for the T11 Pro Mattress.


DeRucci's new line of sleep technology will be available in the US sometime this year. According to a statement shared with CNET, the T11 Pro Smart mattress will be priced around $8,327, and the Anti-Snore Smart Pillow will cost about $972. 

The most expensive pillows I've tested are well below the $500 mark, and the most costly mattresses I've seen are around $4,000. It is clear that these smart sleep health products are above average price range. But with added technology, it will be up to the consumer to decide if the additional health monitoring is worth it. 

At-home health screening and monitoring is a trend we're seeing more and more. CES 2023 saw companies show off a smart toilet sensor that monitors your pee, a cuffless, fingertip blood pressure monitor and a sleep mask that tracks your eye movement, to name a few. 

However, health screening has already hit the mainstream. Currently on the market is the popular Eight Sleep Pod Cover that uses smart technology to adjust your body temperature and monitor and track your sleep data. Also, Tempur-Pedic offers its Tempur Adapt mattress with the compatible Smart Base that adjusts to reduce snoring. More monitoring sleep products are sure to follow this year. 

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