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This Smart Bed Uses AI Sensors and Strings to Adjust to Your Sleeping Needs

Forget coil and springs, this new smart bed at CES uses woven strings to support you.

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Taylor Leamey
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Anssil Smart String Mattreess at CES 2024
Celso Bulgatti/CNET

I remember when Hyper-Elastic Polymer was the strangest thing you could find in a mattress. Thanks to its woven strings, the Anssil Sleepinbody-Incline Smart Mattress i4 earned a Digital Health Innovation Award at CES 2024. It's also the weirdest thing I've ever seen in a mattress.

This smart mattress has an inner web of 14 million 3D woven strings. That's right, you can forget about pocketed coils or springs. Anssil said in a press release that the strings will maintain their structure and prevent sinking, which can happen over time with traditional memory-foam beds.

The cool thing about the strings is that they can change their firmness level, height and angle based on the biometric data of the bed's 540 pressure and heart-rate sensors. From there, the AI-driven Internet of Things system turns all that information into personalized sleep data in the Anssil Link app. This is one of the most exceptional health products we saw at CES this year. 

This isn't just a mattress 

OK, it is a mattress, but not a normal one. Think of it as the most sophisticated inflatable mattress you can buy with a matching incline base. The mattress has a controller that allows you to adjust through 10 cushion levels by pressing a button. The connectivity of this smart bed, however, gives it an edge when it comes to health monitoring. 

Anssil Smart String Mattreess at CES 2024

The IoT Controller has 10 different firmness levels to choose from. 

Celso Bulgatti/CNET

When you lie on this bed, it collects data on how long you sleep, sleep stages, sleeping position and more. Then, the AI algorithm takes that data and gives you a personalized sleep report in the app. 

This bed is a part of the digital healthcare ecosystem that links to the IoT controller with String Supporter, pressure sensors, smart scale and Anssil Link app. You can even connect your smartwatch. The more devices you use, the more the mattress can adjust and the more insights you can get into your health. 

You can get an Anssil mattress on Amazon right now for $1,700, though it won't have the AI capabilities that the Smart String I4 has. We're still waiting for that to come to market. 

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