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The future of driving -- and transport -- at CES 2018

Automakers and equipment suppliers will show off a host of amazing innovations at CES 2018 that will shape the future of transport.


Samsung and LG will show off new phones at CES, report says

The company's budget Galaxy A8 and A8+ for 2018 are said to be preparing an appearance in Las Vegas in January.


ZF wants you to use gestures to control your autonomous car

The German firm sees a future where touchscreens and capacitive sensors bring further functionality to your steering wheel.


Honda welcomes our warm and fuzzy robot overlords to CES 2018

Honda released images and a bit of information about four robots it will bring to CES 2018.


Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is a slim, sturdy 2-in-1 ready to write on

Samsung Notebook 9 gets 8th-gen Intel chips, stays ultralight

Available in 13.3- and 15-inch sizes, the Notebook 9 refresh gets more power and performance while staying under 3 pounds.


Continental's CES 2018 stand is all about the battery

It will show off both a wireless charging scheme and a clever system called AllCharge.


Delphi saves gas with dynamic cylinder firing technology

Automotive equipment supplier Delphi and partner Tula demo smarter cylinder firing, increasing fuel efficiency for combustion engines.


The huge TV screens of CES 2018 are coming for you (The 3:59, Ep. 332)

We talk with TV guru David Katzmaier about QLED, Micro LED and OLED.


CES TVs preview: What to expect from the big screens of 2018

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