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What if Samsung's Galaxy S9 gets these six features?

These innovations could find their way onto future phones.


If foldable phones catch on, you can thank an unlikely source

When it comes to creating phones that take new shapes, little-known handset maker ZTE wants to lead the charge.


Naughty America uses AR to blur the line between porn and 'adult entertainment'

After VR success last year, porn producer Naughty America is now targeting phones and tablets for an AR app it claims isn't porn at all. So what is it?


After CES 2018, how close are we to the Jetsons?

With automated homes and consumer-ready robots on the rise, are we ready and able to finally bring the future into the present?


The mirrors at CES made you take a hard look at yourself

At this year's tech show in Las Vegas, companies showed off mirrors that analyze your skin, organize your wardrobe and more.


I biked CES in the rain to find the best bike tech

The idea: I'd cycle around the Vegas gridlock of CES on the hunt for the latest bike tech. The reality: a low-tech ride through lots (and lots) of rain.


I biked Vegas during CES and lived to tell the tale

I was on a mission to find the latest and greatest bike tech at CES. What better way to do it than by dodging the Vegas gridlock on two wheels?


These drones are hitting the skies and surf in 2018

From ready-to-fly mini racing quads to selfie drones that fit on your phone to look-alike folding camera drones there's going to be a drone for every type of user in 2018.


Bluetooth device will look at the inside of your hair

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