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Nolah Original Hybrid Mattress Review 2024: Testing the Brand's Newest Hybrid Mattress

Looking for a supportive hybrid bed at a great value online? Here's what we like about this new Nolah mattress and who we think it's best for.

JD Christison
A certified sleep science coach and mattress expert, JD has been reviewing online mattresses professionally for the past five years. During that time, he's tested well over 150 beds and dedicated countless hours to sleep research. While many consider him to be sleeping on the job, JD spends most of his time reviewing bedding products on The Slumber Yard, a popular YouTube channel specializing in online mattress expertise. If it's a bed you've heard of, he's tried it first hand.
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JD Christison
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Nolah Original Hybrid


  • Tri-Zone coils give you targeted support
  • Nolah AirFoam offers great pressure relief
  • Excellent motion isolation and edge support
  • Ideal for most sleeping positions

Don't like

  • Not as affordable as the all-foam versions
  • People under 150 pounds might not need the added support

Nolah is a popular online mattress brand. Its flagship bed, the Nolah Original, is an accommodating all-foam option with a blended foam feel, whereas the Nolah Signature is an upgraded all-foam bed for side sleepers. Among the numerous online mattresses we've tested, the Nolah brand has always stood out to our team.

This past year, Nolah gave some of its beds a facelift in design and introduced some new ones, including the Nolah Original Hybrid. In this review, we'll give you the rundown on this new Nolah mattress and the general scoop on who we see it working out best for.

First impressions

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Like other Nolah mattresses, the Original Hybrid shipped to us inside a large cardboard box. Once it arrived, we dragged it inside, opened it up and began the unpacking process. Since the bed has coils for support, it inflated rather quickly, but we still gave it a night to sit on our foundation to properly expand.

In the morning, it was finally time to test the bed out. As for responsiveness, it has a soft, neutral hybrid feel. The coils and various foams give it a nice balance of support and comfort. It definitely feels like an accommodating hybrid mattress.

After hopping on, I was able to confirm its general comfort. The bed felt supportive enough for back and stomach sleeping, while also providing enough pressure relief for my shoulders and hips when side sleeping. Since it doesn't use any memory foam, it doesn't have a viscous, body-conforming sensation. Instead, the bed just feels soft, neutral and responsive. I found it to be quite cozy. 

Video: Nolah mattress review and comparison

Watch me review the Nolah mattresses in this video. 

Nolah Original Hybrid mattress firmness and feel

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

What does the Nolah Original Hybrid feel like?

This mattress has a generally accommodating neutral hybrid feel. Simply put, it's a comfortable coil mattress that could work for just about anyone. I doubt many people will find it uncomfortable. Unless you're looking for a slow-to-respond memory foam mattress or a super responsive latex foam option, the Nolah Original Hybrid should be right up your alley. It could also work as a great guest room bed in addition to your main bedroom mattress.

How firm is the Nolah Original Hybrid mattress?

Apart from its feel, the Nolah Original Hybrid has an accommodating firmness profile. It's right around a proper medium on our scale, so it should be fine for all sleeper types. Whether you're a back, side, stomach or combination sleeper, it could work well for most preferences.

However, Nolah also has other mattresses that vary across the firmness spectrum. If you're in the market for a softer side-sleeper option, the Original 10'' has plenty of pressure relief for that preference. Conversely, heavier back or stomach sleepers looking for something firmer should check out the Nolah Evolution Comfort Plus.

Nolah Original Hybrid mattress construction

This hybrid bed combines coils for support and various foams for comfort. It's 11-inches thick and comprised of the following layers:

  1. It starts with a recycled fiber mattress pad on the bottom, which provides a base layer for the bed.
  2. Then there's the bed's main support system of Tri-Zone pocketed coils, featuring reinforced edges and a Zoned Support design.
  3. After that is a responsive transition layer, which acts as a buffer between the coils so you don't feel them as much.
  4. Next, the bed's main comfort layer of Nolah AirFoam is divided into separate zones to promote healthy spinal alignment. 
  5. Wrapping everything up is the bed's botanic-origin Tencel cover, designed to be breathable and help with moisture-wicking at night. That's good news for sweaty sleepers.

Nolah Original Hybrid mattress performance

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Motion isolation

Motion isolation refers to how well a bed absorbs cross-mattress movement. If you wake up your partner throughout the night with minimal motion, you might be sleeping on a bed with poor motion isolation. Given its neutral firmness feel, the Nolah Original Hybrid should perform fine in terms of deadening motion. All-foam beds are usually a bit better at isolating movement, and adding dense memory foam into the mix doesn't hurt, either. There are no real concerns for light sleepers when it comes to this bed.


The Nolah Original Hybrid should sleep predominantly temperature-neutral to most people. Even though the cover and top comfort foam help promote breathability and airflow, those layers won't help actively cool the mattress down. That said, we also don't see it warming up excessively. It's important to note that temperature regulation often depends on other factors like overall room temperature, the pajamas you're wearing or the sheets you're using. 

Edge-to-edge support

The reinforced coils that run along the edges of the Nolah Original Hybrid give this bed some solid edge support. If you sleep with a partner who causes you to sleep close to the edges, we doubt you'll be falling off the mattress anytime soon. The perimeter of the Nolah Original Hybrid provides a lot of support, and there's no apparent roll-off sensation based on our tests.


A quality hybrid bed like the Nolah Original Hybrid can last for a number of years, sometimes even over a decade. We've found that coil beds generally last longer than those with dense support foam. Foam layers can degrade faster over time as you lie on them night after night, whereas coils retain their shape since they're made of metal. Since the Nolah Original Hybrid has coils for support, it could last you for the next seven to ten years, if not longer.


There's no getting around it. Sometimes your brand-new bed stinks right out of the box, and I mean that in the literal sense. Like other products that ship in a box, there's often a factory smell. Rest assured, nothing is wrong with your new mattress. This smell is a normal part of the process and should dissipate after a couple of nights.

Who is the Nolah Original Hybrid mattress best for?

Even though this mattress is designed to work for all sleepers and body types, it might not be the right option for everyone. Here's who I think will benefit the most from this bed.

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Sleeping position

As I mentioned, all sleep styles can get by on this mattress. More specifically, though, combination sleepers who like to rotate around at night should get the most out of it. Unlike a dense memory foam mattress, it's responsive enough to adapt to your changes between sleeping positions, keeping up with you as you adjust.

Based on our observations, side sleepers tend to gravitate toward softer beds. There are certain side sleepers who actually prefer firm beds, but it's rather uncommon. This mattress should be a safe pick for all sleeper types, especially if you're unsure of your sleeping preferences.

Body type

As a hybrid bed, the Nolah Original Hybrid should be durable enough for all body types, even much heavier folks. I am personally around the 250-pound mark and find this mattress plenty supportive. That said, more average- or petite-size people can get by on this particular mattress, but it could be overkill. If you're on the smaller side, you could save some money by going with an all-foam option from Nolah. Sometimes less is, in fact, more.

Nolah Original Hybrid mattress pricing

Size Measurements (inches)Price
Twin 38x74 inches$1,299
Twin XL 38x80 inches$1,399
Full 53x75 inches$1,649
Short Queen 60x74 inches$1,749
Queen 60x80 inches$1,749
King 76x80 inches$2,049
Cal King 72x84 inches$2,049
Split King 38x80 inches$2,798

Considering the quality of this hybrid bed, I'd say it's priced pretty reasonably. After applying a discount, you can pick up a queen size for just over $1,100. Keep in mind that pricing tends to fluctuate year-round for online beds, but I think it's a decent value for a mattress of this caliber. 

Trial, shipping and warranty

As a brand, Nolah backs its beds with above-average policies. Its mattresses ship to you in a box for free, and once in your possession, you get a 120-night trial period to try it risk-free. If you don't like it within that time frame, you have a return option. If you decide to keep it, you're backed by a lifetime warranty. Just be sure to use the right foundation for the bed. Otherwise, you could void your bed's warranty.

The final verdict

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

I'd consider getting the Nolah Original Hybrid if you want a supportive coil bed with a neutral feel and firmness profile. If you're looking for an accommodating option for your main bedroom or even a guest room, I don't think you can go wrong with this option, especially for the price.

Like one of our most commonly recommended beds, the Brooklyn Bedding Signature, the Nolah Original Hybrid is an unassuming mattress that will work for almost any sleeper or body type. This also makes it a great option for couples due to its neutrality. I think you'll both be able to agree that this bed is comfy.

You might like the Nolah Original Hybrid mattress if:

  • You want a supportive hybrid mattress.
  • You're a combination sleeper looking for a medium firmness.
  • You like a bed with a neutral hybrid feel.
  • You're looking for a more affordable option.

You might not like the Nolah Original Hybrid bed if:

  • You're looking for an all-foam mattress.
  • You're a smaller-size person who doesn't need extra support.
  • You want a super soft or firm bed.
  • You're on a super strict budget.

Other mattresses from Nolah

Nolah Original 10'': This is Nolah's flagship all-foam offering. It consists of various foam layers, which give the bed a mixed foam feel. You get pressure relief similar to a memory foam option with the responsiveness of a neutral foam bed. Even though that might sound confusing, rest assured, it's quite cozy. The bed is also slightly softer, between a medium to a medium-soft, so it's also a nice option for side sleepers. Since it's an all-foam bed though, it's best for supporting average- to petite-size folks.

Nolah Signature 12'': This is another all-foam mattress from Nolah that's more enhanced for side sleepers. It's around a proper medium-soft and offers the most amount of pressure relief for your shoulders and hips. The Nolah Airfoam on top also provides the bed with a mixed foam feel and is available in a hybrid construction. Don't be fooled, though. In this case, it's a more supportive foam bed.

Nolah Evolution 15'': If you're looking for more of a premium hybrid bed with a pillow top for comfort, this is the Nolah for you. The Evolution is a more luxurious mattress with coils for support, various foams for comfort and a cooling cover to help with sleeping temperature. The coils have a Tri-Zone support system to help keep your back neutrally aligned at night, and the bed is available in three different firmness levels. There's also an ultrasupportive version of this bed called the Comfort Plus.

Nolah Natural 11'': This is Nolah's natural latex foam hybrid option. It has natural latex foam that provides the bed with responsiveness, coupled with organic cotton and wool for additional comfort. It's also around a proper medium, which is a bit softer compared to other latex hybrids online. The coils are made from recycled steel and make it supportive for all body types.

How does the Nolah Original Hybrid compare to other mattresses? 

Nolah Original Hybrid vs. Nolah Original 10''

The main difference between these two Nolah beds is their support systems. The flagship Original 10'' is an all-foam bed, which naturally makes it best for average or smaller body types. If you're a heavier person, you should go with the Original Hybrid since it uses a more supportive layer of pocketed coils. Hybrid designs usually provide beds with enhanced support, making them the better choice for bigger body types. When it comes to pricing, the Original 10'' is the slightly more affordable option.

Nolah Original Hybrid vs. Brooklyn Bedding Signature

These are two very similar hybrid mattresses. They are both generally accommodating for the average sleeper with neutral hybrid feels, and are supportive enough to handle all body types by default. One difference between the two is that the Signature has three different firmness levels to choose from, while the Original Hybrid only has one. The Signature also has an optional cooling cover you can buy if sleeping cool is a priority. However, the Original Hybrid is usually more affordably priced year-round and is backed by better policies.

Nolah Original Hybrid Mattress FAQs

How many years does a hybrid mattress last?

The average lifespan of a mattress is seven to 10 years. Beds with coils typically last even longer than that, often over a decade. Since the Nolah Original Hybrid is a quality hybrid mattress, I'd say it'll last most sleepers for quite a while. Also, using the right foundation and a mattress protector will help.

What is the point of a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid beds use a combination of coils for support and various foams for comfort. Since those coils are more resilient than dense foam support systems over time, they're great options for heavy people. If you're over the 250-pound mark, you'll likely prefer the amount of support you get from a hybrid mattress over an all-foam one. That said, all body types can get by on a hybrid mattress. It may just come down to preference.

Does it take time to break in a hybrid mattress?

The short answer is yes. All mattresses need a bit of time to break in, but your body also needs time to properly adapt to your new sleep setup. If you immediately find your new bed uncomfortable, we suggest not sending it back right away. We commonly recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks to get used to your new mattress. Allow your body to adjust to it, and give the mattress some time to soften up under you. This is especially the case with hybrid mattresses -- time heals all relationships, after all.

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