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Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers with Back Pain of 2024

Stomach sleepers with back pain need to select a mattress that eases symptoms, not exacerbate them. These are the best mattresses that we would recommend.

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$3,095 at Amazon
The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress on a bed frame.
Casper Wave Hybrid
Best overall mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain
$649 at Nectar Sleep
Nectar Mattress
Best memory foam mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain
$1,995 at Saatva
Saatva Classic
Best pillow top mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain
2,374 at Helix Sleep
Helix Dusk Luxe mattress
Helix Dusk Luxe
Why we chose the Helix Dusk Luxe mattress:
2,599 at Leesa
Leesa Legend mattress
Leesa Legend
Best soft mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain
Save up to $700 + 2 free pillows
$937 at Brooklyn Bedding
Plank mattress on a bed frame
Plank Luxe
Best firm mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain
25% Off Sitewide with code:
$1,499 at WinkBeds
Winkbed classic mattress
Best hybrid mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain

It’s widely accepted that sleeping on your stomach can cause neck, back and hip pain. But if you’re like me and just can’t seem to break the habit, you’ve come to the right place. 

Stomach sleepers need extra support from their bed to make sure their torso doesn’t sink too far in and aggravate the back. If you’re a stomach sleeper who already has back pain, you have to be even more selective about which mattress you choose. 

Our team of mattress experts have tested, rolled around on and cut open dozens of mattresses, so we know what it takes to earn the title of best mattress for every category. Read on to see which ones made our list. 

What’s the best overall mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain?

Our team of sleep experts has tested a ton of mattresses, many of which are great for people who live with back pain. When selecting beds for this list, we considered firmer options or ones with enough support to give stomach sleepers what they need and ease back pain. 

The best mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain is the Casper Wave Hybrid. It’s a premium mattress with robust construction under the hood that will ease an achy back. If our praise isn’t enough for you, you’ll be happy to know that the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Video: Best mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain

Watch CNET video producer Owen Poole review the best firm mattresses.

Best mattresses for stomach sleepers with back pain

Mattress price scale:

$ = Budget: $799 and below

$$ = Average: $800 to $1,699

$$$ = Premium: $1,700 and up

These reflect MSRP or list prices. Sales might make a mattress less expensive, but are always changing.

Type Neutral hybrid mattressFirmness MediumTrial 100 nightsWarranty 10-year warranty Price $$$

Why we chose the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress: 

Of all the beds we’ve tested, the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is the best for stomach sleepers with back pain. It’s a high-quality mattress with a neutral foam feel that will be a safe bet for anyone. You don’t have to worry about any funky feel like Purple or the dense foam of Tempur-Pedic. Casper is widely accommodating. 

Generally, we recommend mattresses on the firmer side for stomach sleepers. While the Casper Wave Hybrid mattress is only a medium on our scale, it still stands out because of its sophisticated zoned support design that offers extra support. It’s actually the most advanced zoned support design we have seen in a mattress. 

The zoned support construction is made of layers of foam with cutouts and contours that are different firmnesses across the bed's surface. You’ll have the firmest area under your back for added support, and it will be slightly softer at the head and foot of the bed. 

Unfortunately, this Casper Wave is expensive. The good news is that you can cash in on mattress sales, which will drop the price. Our experts say you can pay around $2,800 for a Casper Wave Hybrid mattress.

For more on this bed, read our Casper Wave Hybrid review.   


  • Most advanced Zoned Support system we’ve seen
  • Great at isolation motion thanks to foam layers
  • Medium firmness is excellent for men and women stomach sleepers


  • Expensive

Casper Wave Hybrid

Johnathan Gomez/CNET
Type Memory foam mattressFirmness Medium-firmTrial 365 nightsWarranty Forever warrantyPrice $$ Price $

Why we chose the Nectar mattress: 

Memory foam mattresses for stomach sleepers are a good choice if you like your bed to mold and conform to the curves of your body. The Nectar mattress is our top memory foam recommendation for stomach sleepers with back pain. This affordable mattress is medium to medium-firm (or 6) on our scale, making it a good choice for stomach sleepers who want a balance of support and pressure relief. 

However, I only recommend this mattress if you like the feel of dense memory foam. The Nectar mattress is the definition of memory foam. You slowly sink in until it surrounds you in a comfy memory foam cocoon. Thankfully, it is firm enough that stomach sleepers will get enough support to keep the spine aligned and back pain at bay. 

The Nectar mattress is available in a hybrid and all-foam version. I recommend the hybrid for people who are 250 lbs or more. You’ll get the same dense memory foam feel with either construction. Nectar is also highly affordable, so it’s a great budget choice. 

To learn more about this mattress, check out our Nectar mattress review.


  • Great price for the quality 
  • Ultimate memory foam feel
  • Firm enough for stomach sleepers 


  • People over 230 pounds should go with the hybrid option 
  • Memory foam might be hard to move around on

Nectar Memory Foam

Johnathan Gomez/CNET
Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Plush Soft: Medium or 5 | Luxury Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: 9/10 or firmTrial 365 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$

Why we chose the Saatva Classic mattress:

If you prefer the feeling of a pillow top over memory foam, then you’ll like the Saatva Classic mattress. It’s a high-quality, luxury mattress that offers a ton of support with unique, back-to-back coil layers. Saatva reminds me of a fancy hotel mattress. It’s a sturdy and reliable bed with a bouncy and responsive feel topped with a fluffy pillow top. 

The Saatva classic mattress is available in three firmness options: plush soft (medium or 5), luxury firm (medium-firm or 7) and firm (firm or 9). I recommend that the average stomach sleeper with back pain go with the Luxury Firm option. The firm option is one of the firmest beds you can buy. I wouldn’t recommend it to the average person, especially women who sleep flat on their stomachs. 

Saatva is on the expensive side, at $1,995 for a queen size. But few beds can match the quality and luxury of the Saatva mattress. For more on this mattress, check out our Saatva mattress review


  • Super supportive with dual-layer innerspring 
  • Great for heavy sleepers who want extra support 
  • Luxury Firm option is perfect for stomach sleepers with back pain


  • Expensive 
  • May be too firm for petite body types 
  • Potentially too firm for some people

Saatva Classic

* Pricing based on Queen model
Johnathan Gomez/CNET

Why we chose the Helix Dusk Luxe mattress:

The Dusk Luxe mattress is one of the most accommodating mattresses of the 18-bed lineup from Helix Sleep. It feels like a comfy, pillow-top bed that you would find in a hotel. Just about any sleeper is going to find it comfortable. 

The zoned support coil construction makes this bed a good option for stomach sleepers with back pain. When you lie down on it, you’ll feel that zoned support design for added support, but the neutral foam layers ensure it’s comfortable. It falls at about a medium to medium-firm, or 6 on our firmness scale. So, it’s not the firmest bed you’ll find, but it still has plenty of support to ease your back pain. 

To learn more about this mattress, check out our Helix Dusk Luxe mattress review


  • Zoned support design is good for back pain
  • Comfortable pillow top feel
  • You can add a cooling cover 


  • Only one firmness option
  • On the pricey side

Helix Dusk Luxe (new)

Johnathan Gomez/CNET
Type Poly foam hybrid mattressFirmness 5 or mediumTrial 100 nightsWarranty 10-year limited warrantyPrice Scale $$$

Why we chose the Leesa Legend mattress:

If you’re a stomach sleeper who likes a soft mattress, then you’ll probably like the Leesa Legend. We rated it between a medium and medium soft (or 4 on our scale). I see it being a good option for women stomach sleepers who have found that firm mattresses can be painful across the chest. 

The Leesa Legend mattress has a two-coil layer construction, meaning it will be more supportive and durable than the average soft mattress. Dual coil layers aren’t common in the mattress industry, giving this bed a significant leg up. Despite having more coils than most, you can’t feel them lying on the Leesa Legend mattress. The neutral foam layers give you plenty of pressure relief without trapping you in. 

To learn more about this bed, check out our Leesa Legend mattress review.


  • It’s a softer bed but still supportive 
  • Dual-layer coils 
  • Neutral foam feel


  • Not a budget choice
  • Too soft for some sleepers

Leesa Legend

  • Remarkable edge support and low motion transfer
  • Wool and cotton cover
Save up to $700 + 2 free pillows
Type Flippable hybrid mattressFirmness 2 firmness levels |Firm: Medium-firm or 7 | Firm: Firm or 10Trial 120 nightsWarranty 10-year limited warranty

Why we chose the Plank Luxe mattress: 

Stomach sleepers with back pain who like firm mattresses will like the Plank Luxe mattress. The name alone is a good indication of just how firm the Plank Luxe mattress is. 

My favorite thing about the Plank Luxe mattress is its flippable design. This allows you to choose your firmness level, but don’t worry, both sides are very firm. There’s a firm (medium-firm or 7) and extra firm (medium-firm to firm, or 8) side. Both are great for stomach sleepers with back pain, though which one you choose comes to preference. The hybrid construction makes it more supportive and durable than an all-foam mattress. 

The Plank Luxe mattress is also a great budget pick, with a queen costing $1,532 before sale. Though, you’ll be able to get it around $1,000 if you time it right. You can also add a cooling cover if you’re a hot sleeper. 


  • Backed by the American Chiropractic Association 
  • Flippable design with two firm sides
  • Additional cooling cover available 


  • With sales, it’s a good budget option

The Plank Firm Luxe from Brooklyn Bedding

25% Off Sitewide with code:
Johnathan Gomez/CNET
Type Hybrid mattressFirmness 3 firmness levels | Softer: Medium-soft or 3 | Luxury firm: Medium or 5 | Firmer: Medium-firm or 7Trial 120 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$

Why we chose the WinkBed mattress: 

The WinkBed mattress is a high-quality, hotel-style mattress with a big punch. With a mix of coils, foam layers and soft pillow top, it’s easily my choice for the best hybrid mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain. It’s got the support that stomach sleepers need, with a dominating pillow-top feel that offers plenty of comfort. 

When I think of WinkBed, I think of the classic innerspring style but made better by the super comfy pillow top and layers of foam. One of the best parts of the flagship WinkBed mattress is the fact that you get to choose between four firmness options: softer (medium-soft or 3), luxury firm (medium or 5), firm (medium-firm or 7) and plus (firm or 8 to 9). Stomach sleepers with back pain likely want to stick to the firmer options, but I always appreciate a bed that allows people to personalize their firmness to their preference. 

The WinkBed mattress isn’t what I’d consider a budget pick at $1,500 before sales, but this bed is an excellent value compared to other beds out there. Thankfully, mattresses are nearly always on sale, so you can save a few hundred if you watch the price. 

For more on this bed, read our WinkBed review


  • Super comfy pillow top 
  • Hotel luxury style that’s fairly affordable 
  • Suitable for any body type 


  • Not a true budget pick 

The WinkBed

Compare the best mattresses for stomach sleepers with back pain

Mattress Mattress TypePrice (Queen MSRP)Sleep trial Warranty
Casper Wave Hybrid Hybrid $3,095100 nights10-year warranty
Nectar Memory foam$1,099365 nightsForever warranty
Saatva Classic Hybrid $1,995365 nightsLifetime warranty
Leesa Legend Hybrid $2,599100 nights10-year limited warranty
Plank Luxe Hybrid $1,532120 nights10-year warranty
WinkBed Hybrid$1,799120 nightsLifetime warranty

Other mattresses we’ve tested

Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress: The Signature hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a dependable and durable bed with three different firmness options. Stomach sleepers should stick with the firmer options to ensure they get enough support. It’s also one of the best value mattresses you can get. 

Loom & Leaf mattress: From Saatva, the Loom & Leaf mattress is a good choice for memory foam lovers who like the cooling benefits of gel foam. Either firmness option of this bed -- relaxed firm and firm -- will give stomach sleepers all they need. 

How we tested the best mattresses 

The CNET sleep team has collectively tested over 200 mattresses. This extensive industry expertise has allowed us to establish methodologies to test and assess each mattress. It also means that when we chose which beds would be featured on this best mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain list, we were intentional about considering this group’s needs. 

When we assess each mattress, we rank it on how it feels, how firm it is and how it performs in the key categories for the list we’re putting together. The performance of a mattress includes motion isolation, edge support and temperature regulation. We also pay close attention to what the bed is made of to hypothesize how long it will last and who is best off buying it. 

Find out more about our mattress testing process

Things to consider when shopping for a mattress for back pain as a stomach sleeper

Choosing your next mattress can be a long process. From sorting through the dozens of options and recommendations across the internet, it can be a lot. That’s why thinking about your next bed through your needs and desires is essential. Just because most stomach sleepers need a firm mattress, you should consider how firm you like your mattress before buying. You may want something slightly softer than others. 

Keep these key factors in mind to narrow your search and find the best mattress. 

Source of your back pain 

Before shopping for a mattress for back pain, you should figure out the source of your back pain. There is a chance it’s your old, sagging mattress that’s causing the pain. But if it’s something else, you should know before buying a new bed.

Your body needs

Considering anatomical differences, men and women who sleep on their stomachs need to consider distinct mattress factors. We recommend stomach sleepers choose firmer mattresses to keep the spine in a neutral position at night. While this is true, there is some nuance that women have to pay attention to when shopping for their next bed. 

If you sleep flat on your stomach as a woman, you may want to stay away from the firmest options out there to avoid pain across the chest. Or you can opt for a memory foam mattress that contours to the shape of your body better. It all comes down to what’s comfortable for you. 

Your body type

How much you weigh does influence which bed you should get because it determines how you experience a mattress. Heavier people (over 230 pounds) will put the most pressure on a mattress, making it feel softer. The inverse applies to petite body types (under 150 pounds); mattresses will feel firmer. 

Your body type will also help you determine what kind of mattress you should get. We always recommend that heavier body types opt for a hybrid mattress. There are plenty of good all-foam mattresses you can probably get by just fine on, but hybrid mattresses are more durable and supportive in the long run. 

Your budget

Your budget is the final and arguably most important factor to consider when looking for a mattress for a stomach sleeper with back pain. Mattresses are a big investment, one that you don’t make that often. 

The average online mattress costs between $850 and $1,200. However, there are options for every budget from under $300 to well over $2,000.

Best mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain FAQs

What mattress firmness is best for stomach sleepers?

Stomach sleepers tend to need a firmer bed that gives enough support to the spine. That doesn’t mean you have to get the firmest bed out there. Firmness is a scale that incorporates your preference. You can get enough support while prioritizing pressure relief. We recommend a medium-firm (six) profile and up.  

What type of mattress should be chosen to avoid back pain?

Back pain is something that many sleepers deal with. To avoid back pain flare-ups, choose a firmer mattress that’s supportive enough to keep your spine in a neutral position. We recommend medium-firm (six) and up. 

You can also opt for a mattress with zoned support construction, which means it will be the firmest across the center third of the bed where your back is and softer at the head and foot. 

Can a bad mattress cause back pain?

Unfortunately, a bad mattress can cause back pain. But what exactly is a bad mattress? It could be an old, sagging mattress that needs to be replaced or simply a mattress that is too soft for your needs. Sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft for a back or stomach sleeper will allow you to sink too far in and leave your spine in an awkward position.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.