Volkswagen ID.4

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The ID 4 is Volkswagen's first all-electric SUV and the brand's first global EV. Right out of the gate, this vehicle does a lot of things right. The ID 4 is spacious and comfortable inside, it has a smooth powertrain, comes with plenty of standard driver aids and offers competitive range for a mass-market EV. On the surface, this cheerful-looking VW is entirely pleasant, but the devil is always in the details and it's the little things that take their toll.

An upscale, spacious interior

But first, some good news. The ID 4 Pro S interior is unexpectedly premium, looking -- and in many ways feeling -- like something from Volvo. The dashboard's simple layout is modern and functional, with the infotainment screen angled slightly toward the driver. I love the rich, geometric patterns used on many of the surfaces, plus there are plenty of soft plastics and everything's assembled with painstaking care.

Pro S models feature 12-way power front bucket seats, which even offer massage functionality. Curiously, these chairs also have minivan-like armrests. Yes, they look unusual in an SUV, but they're cushy and adjustable, locking in different positions for enhanced comfort. Also, between those seats is a well-thought-out and versatile center console. Not only does it offer plenty of storage space and features a roll-top cover, it boasts a wireless charging pad, some American-sized cup holders and four USB-C ports, two up front and two serving passengers in the rear.

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The Good ~ Upscale trimmings ~ Spacious interior ~ Solid dynamics

The Bad ~ Not particularly punchy at higher speeds ~ Laggardly infotainment system ~ Frustrating controls

The Bottom Line The Volkswagen ID 4 does what it needs to and not a whole lot more.

Editors' Rating
  • Performance 8
  • Features 8.5
  • Design 7
  • Media 6.5

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