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Tile trackers start at just $13 in Amazon's one-day-only sale

Your best bet: A Tile Essentials Pack for $40, the lowest price ever.

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Four Tiles, 40 bucks. Totally worth it.


Life is stressful enough without the hassles of lost or misplaced keys, phones, wallets and the like. Not long ago my daughter dropped a little pouch containing her college room key and student ID, and what followed was 48 hours of frenzied, frustrated searching. The cost to replace those two items would have been around $175. Luckily, we found it -- it had simply fallen out of her pocket on a driveway -- but there was shared agony until then.

Needless to say, that pouch now contains a Tile tracker. Meanwhile, everyone else in the Cheapskate household now has a Tile on their keychain. If you're thinking it might be a good idea to do likewise (and, trust me, it is), you'll want to check out Amazon's Tile tracker sale, which is happening today only and cuts up to 43% off the various products.

A few best bets: A single Tile Mate with replaceable battery for $15 (regularly $25) and the Tile Essentials Pack for $40. The latter includes a Mate, a Slim and two Stickers and regularly sells for $70. (That's an all-time-low price.) You'll also see a previous-generation Tile Mate for $13, but don't bother: Its battery is not replaceable. For $2 more, the newer model is a way better deal.

For those unfamiliar with the trackers, they pair via Bluetooth with your phone. When you need to find one, you just fire up the app. If it's your phone you need to find, you just double-press the button on your Tile. It'll make your phone ring, even if it's set to silent. (This function has proven incredibly useful to Mrs. Cheapskate, who loses her phone in the house on an almost daily basis.) 

You can also enable Tile tracking on your Amazon Echo or Google Assistant device. Then you don't need your phone or your Tile; just say, for example, "Alexa, ask Tile to find my keys." (In my experience, this doesn't always work consistently, though I'm not sure if it's an Alexa issue or a Tile issue or what.)

Even better, you can share Tile locations with family members -- meaning I could use my phone to help Mrs. Cheapskate find her keys or my daughter find her wallet. And there's an especially useful community feature: Anyone using the Tile app who comes within range of your lost item can update its location.

I won't say the devices are flawless, because in my experience they're not. But they can definitely help you find lost things, and you can't put a price on that kind of help. Today, thankfully, you can put a lower price on it.

Are you a Tile user? Tell me what you like or don't like about it!

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