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iOS 12 is coming Sept. 17

The next generation of Apple's mobile operating system arrives next week.

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Apple has announced that the newest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 12, will be available starting on Sept. 17. The new OS will come installed on the three new iPhones Apple announced today -- the iPhone XS, the XS Max and the XR -- and will be available as a free download on all late-model iPhones and iPads (we have a detailed list of older devices that will support iOS 12 here). 

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The company also announced that software updates for its HomePod smart speaker and Apple TV will be released on Sept. 17 and that MacOS Mojave will be released on Sept. 24. The HomePod update will enable multiroom audio via AirPlay 2 and let you search for songs by lyrics, set multiple timers, make and receive calls and ping and locate other Apple devices in your home. TVOS will get support for Dolby Atmos 4K. 

We already know from our time with the beta that iOS 12 focuses primarily on improving the performance across Apple's iOS device lineup -- making iPhones and iPads faster, smoother, more secure and less buggy. That noted, there's no shortage of new features and enhancements including applications that leverage AR, tools that track screen timeMemojisSiri Shortcuts and better notification management.

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