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Matt Elliott
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At WWDC 2018, Apple took the name for its Mac operating system down from Northern California's majestic mountains and moved southward to the Golden State's famed desert. After a run of mountain themes -- Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and High Sierra -- Apple has named the next version of MacOS (version 10.14) after California's Mojave Desert.

MacOS Mojave is available now as a public beta and will be officially released as a free update this fall. It'll introduce a number of new features, from a dark mode and desktop Stacks to a new Finder view and a few familiar faces from iOS. You'll also find four familiar iOS apps on your Mac after updating to Mojave, along with some added privacy features to protect you from Facebook and other advertisers.

Here's everything you need to know about MacOS Mojave. Be sure to check back here regularly; we'll update this article as we track Mojave from its public beta stages to its official release this fall.

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Originally published on June 14, 2018. 
Update, Aug. 20: Added new tips and links.

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