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Big Fig Mattress Review 2023: The Durable Hybrid Bed for “Bigger Figures”

Looking at this ultra-supportive bed designed for much heavier people? We’ll cover who it’s best for and what you need to know before you buy it online.

JD Christison
A certified sleep science coach and mattress expert, JD has been reviewing online mattresses professionally for the past five years. During that time, he's tested well over 150 beds and dedicated countless hours to sleep research. While many consider him to be sleeping on the job, JD spends most of his time reviewing bedding products on The Slumber Yard, a popular YouTube channel specializing in online mattress expertise. If it's a bed you've heard of, he's tried it first hand.
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JD Christison
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A Big Fig mattress on a grey bed frame in between two nightstands.

Big Fig


  • Thick, hybrid construction makes for a very supportive bed
  • Ideal for heavy body types
  • Responsive feel doesn't make you feel "stuck"
  • Suitable for back, stomach and combo sleeping

Don't like

  • People under 150 pounds might not need the added support
  • Firmer profile might not suit heavy side sleepers
  • A little expensive for those on a tight budget

Big Fig is an independent online mattress brand based in Cleveland, Ohio. Its mission statement is to make a mattress ideal for the “bigger figure,” hence the name. They offer one flagship bed designed to support up to 1,100 pounds at once. For a better frame of reference, that’s like five of me. To see how the bed does this through its construction, firmness and feel and to gauge optimal sleeping positions and more, continue reading below for our full Big Fig mattress review.

Video: Big Fig Mattress Review

Watch CNET video producer Owen Poole review the Big Fig mattress. 

First impressions of the Big Fig mattress

I won’t embarrass myself by telling you my exact weight, but I’m a heavier guy, so I love testing supportive hybrid beds that can handle my body type. What's unique about the  Big Fig mattress is how it takes this concept to the next level. When I press into the bed, it almost feels like the bed is pushing back. And when I hop on, it feels like the bed props me up rather than letting me sink into it. It’s rare for me to experience this sensation, especially compared with testing an average all-foam mattress. I noticed the bed’s advanced support right off the bat.

Overall, I found this bed to be one of the most responsive I’ve ever tried. If you’re an especially heavier person, you could sink into it more, but it shouldn’t feel like a memory foam bed. Since it has latex foam and poly foam above those coils, it’s clear the bed is designed to provide more support rather than pressure relief. And the cooling cover doesn’t hurt when it comes to sleeping temperature. If it doesn’t help cool you down, it should help you sleep temperature neutral. But we’ll talk about that later on in this review!

Big Fig mattress firmness and feel

How firm is the Fig mattress?

There’s no getting around it, this is a firm mattress. However, since it’s made with bigger people in mind, it might feel softer to heavier folks. To the average Joe, I’d say it’s a medium-firm to firm bed, but to someone that’s above the 300 pound range, maybe closer to a medium. For most people, it should be most suitable for back, stomach and combination sleeping. I’d recommend it only for side sleepers if you’re much heavier or if you prefer side sleeping on something firm. Firm mattresses may cause discomfort on the hips or shoulders and might not provide proper alignment for side sleepers. But it all comes down to preference!

What does the Big Fig feel like?

The Big Fig mattress has a responsive, firm foam feel. It provides sleepers with lots of support and not much of a sink-in sensation. Similar to a latex foam mattress, it responds immediately to your body’s shape as you rotate at night. When you’re on your back, you can almost feel the coils propping your body up. Heavier people might sink into it more, but if you’re looking for a memory foam bed, this isn’t the one for you. It feels like a supportive and responsive hybrid bed.

Big Fig mattress construction

A look at the profile of the Big Fig mattress, made for heavy sleepers
Jonathan Gomez/ CNET

The Big Fig mattress is around 13 inches thick, on par with other coil options. Its combination of coils and foams is designed to be more supportive than your standard hybrid bed. Here's a breakdown of the inner layers of the mattress: It starts off with a thin layer of foam on the bottom, which serves as the base to support the rest of the layers.

  1. It starts off with a thin layer of foam on the bottom, which serves as the base to support the rest of the layers.
  2. Second from the bottom is a thick layer of ultra-durable pocketed coils. These coils are encased in a foam border to help strengthen the edges of the mattress.
  3. Above the coils are three layers of high-density poly foam. These act as transition layers so you don’t feel the support coils and should help reduce mattress sagging over time. 
  4. A gel-infused latex foam acts as the bed’s main comfort layer. It’s also perforated to help circulate airflow. 
  5. The cover has more comfort elements quilted in and a phase change material to help cool the mattress down as you sleep.

Big Fig mattress performance 

Motion isolation

For heavier folks, this bed should absorb cross-mattress movement just fine. Since it's such a responsive mattress, it won’t deaden as much motion as a dense memory foam option. That said, it should isolate motion just fine for heavier couples. If one of you is a light sleeper, this bed should help to absorb some of that motion at night.

Edge support

Dillon testing the edge support on the Big Fig mattress.
Jonathan Gomez

The edge support on this mattress is solid. Since the fundamental idea behind this bed is to provide “support,” it’s no different along the bed’s perimeter. The foam border surrounding the coils helps keep you placed firmly on the bed, even if you sleep fairly close to the edges at night. If your partner is a major bed hog, you can rest assured knowing you shouldn’t be falling off anytime soon.


Even though this bed has a cool to the touch cover, we wouldn’t classify it as an active cooling option. That cover mainly helps it sleep temperature-neutral, which isn’t a bad thing. Most online beds are neutral in terms of how hot or cold they sleep. The Big Fig mattress may help cool you down at night, but temperature regulation is different for everyone. Other factors like your room’s temperature, sheets or even your pajamas come into play more than the bed itself.


Since the Big Fig mattress was designed with durability in mind, it performs great in this regard. It has more coils than your average hybrid bed (1,600 to be exact), and the transition foams help reduce sagging over time. Everyone hates a bed that eventually bows in the middle, and I can’t see this mattress ever doing that.

Who is the Big Fig mattress best for?

Going over things like construction, feel and firmness helps you determine if a bed is suitable for you. In the case of the Big Fig mattress, here's who I think it works best for.

Sleeping position

I think people who mainly sleep on their back or stomach would prefer this option. If you’re a petite side sleeper who prefers more pressure relief, this probably isn’t the right mattress for you. However, heavier side sleepers should find more pressure relief from it. If you’re a combination sleeper like myself, the Big Fig mattress might work out for you as well. Strict side sleepers should steer clear though!

Body type

As noted throughout this review, this bed is designed for heavier people, particularly those over 200 pounds. It should be perfectly accommodating for those body types. Hybrid mattresses are especially great for people with more weight on them because they offer longer-lasting support and durability. 

If you’re on the petite side or even of an average build, you might find this bed’s support to be overwhelming. In that case, there are plenty of other coil beds that should accommodate smaller body types.

Big Fig mattress pricing

Size MeasurementsPrice
Twin 38x75 inches$1,399
Twin XL 38x80 inches$1,499
Full 54x75 inches$1,599
Queen 60x80 inches$1,799
King 76x80 inches$1,999
Cal king 72x84 inches$1,999

Other ultra-supportive hybrid beds can go upward of two thousand bucks for a queen, but the Big Fig mattress is priced more affordably. It retails for around the $1,800 mark, but the brand usually runs discounts on it year round.

That price point isn’t the cheapest, but since you’ll be sleeping on it every night for the next few years, I’d say it’s a valid investment if it’s within your budget.

Big Fig mattress shipping, warranty and trial

The Big Fig mattress is backed by some generous policies, so you shouldn’t worry about being stuck with. You get free shipping, free returns, 120 nights to try it at home risk-free and a 20-year warranty if you want to keep it. Compared with the industry standard 100-night trial and 10-year warranty, these policies go above and beyond.

Final verdict on the Big Fig mattress

Without a doubt, this is one of the most supportive beds I’ve ever tried. It’s got an accommodating feel while being on the firmer side, and it’s a great option for anyone who’s especially heavy. To give you our final thoughts, here’s what to consider:

You might like this mattress if:

  • You want a responsive, firm mattress
  • You want an extra supportive option for bigger people
  • You want a quality, handcrafted mattress
  • You value having your bed backed by a strong warranty
  • You sleep mainly on your back or stomach

You might not like this mattress if:

  • You weigh under 150 pounds and sleep on your side (you might want something softer)
  • A mattress over $1,000 is too expensive for you
  • You want a memory foam mattress

How we tested the Big Fig Mattress

We test our mattresses in-house. Our certified sleep coaches have years of experience rolling around on beds and assessing them on established performance factors. The Big Fig mattress was tested and evaluated on our numerical firmness scale to determine how supportive it is and how much pressure relief it offers. Feel, construction, edge support and motion isolation were also considered and noted in this Big Fig mattress review.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.