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Airweave 30 Mattress Review 2024: Groundbreaking Tech Weaving Through the Online Mattress Space

Are you looking for a unique sleeping experience that's also on the much firmer side? If so, the Airweave 30 might be right for you, but here's what to know before you buy it.

JD Christison
A certified sleep science coach and mattress expert, JD has been reviewing online mattresses professionally for the past five years. During that time, he's tested well over 150 beds and dedicated countless hours to sleep research. While many consider him to be sleeping on the job, JD spends most of his time reviewing bedding products on The Slumber Yard, a popular YouTube channel specializing in online mattress expertise. If it's a bed you've heard of, he's tried it first hand.
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JD Christison
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Airweave 30


  • Airfiber material provides a unique level of support
  • Firmer responsive feel is best for strict back and stomach sleepers
  • Great motion isolation, edge support and airflow
  • Airfiber blocks are rearrangeable and hypoallergenic

Don't like

  • Much too firm for side sleepers seeking pressure relief
  • Not ideal for fans of memory foam
  • Not for those on a tight budget

I know it doesn't seem like it, but the job of an online mattress reviewer can get boring from time to time. Hundreds of beds have come through our doors over the years, and while they all have their nuances, the vast majority are pretty similar. You're constantly reviewing the same things; coils, foam, edge support, motion isolation, cooling covers, celliant -- don't even get me started on that one.

That's why the Airweave 30 was such a breath of fresh air to review. It's completely unlike any other online mattress we've encountered so far, and that's mainly due to the proprietary material it has for support and comfort. In this review, we'll cover that specialized material in detail and everything else you should know about this unique bed.

First impressions

Shortly after ordering online, the Airweave 30 showed up at our door stuffed inside three large cardboard boxes. We simply dragged them inside, dumped out the contents and began assembling our new online bed. The unboxing and setup were obviously a bit more intensive than your average online mattress, but it was still pretty straightforward. It did take around 20 minutes to put it together.

This was one of the rare mattresses that didn't need any time to inflate. None of the materials arrived compressed or roll-packed, so the mattress was ready to be tested right away. My initial take on the bed was that it's super responsive and also truly firm. It's probably the firmest bed I've ever tried over the course of several years. Its feel is also pretty unique compared to many other beds found within the online space.

Video: Airweave 30 mattress review

Watch me review the Airweave 30 mattress in this video.

Airweave 30 mattress firmness and feel

What does the Airweave 30 feel like?

I'd say this bed has a firm, responsive style of mattress feel. Once pressure is released, the bed snaps back into its original shape almost instantly. Picture something like a latex foam but slightly quicker in terms of responsiveness and a little less pressure-relieving.

This unique response time is mainly due to the proprietary material inside of the bed. It's known as AirFiber, and it's basically a densely weaved polymer that looks like a chunk of foam but responds like a spring. Similar to the GelFlex Grid found within Purple beds, it's a specialized material that gives the Airweave 30 a proprietary feel.

How firm is the Airweave 30 mattress?

There's no getting around it; this is a truly firm mattress. I'd clock it at a proper firm on our scale, and I'd even go so far as to say it's the firmest bed I've ever tested -- sounds dramatic, I know, but it's true.

This ultra-firm profile makes the Airweave 30 most ideal for strict back and stomach sleepers. If you're the type of person who prefers an "ultra-firm" bed, maybe something that's even firmer than anything else you've ever tried, this is pretty much it. I can't see a lot of side or combination sleepers finding much pressure relief, if any, on this bed.

Airweave 30 mattress construction

This bed has a design that's unlike anything we've encountered in the online mattress space so far. Here's what the bed is comprised of:

Jonathan Gomez/CNET

1. On the bottom, there are six blocks of the brand's proprietary AirFiber. This material gives the bed its unique support system and ultra-responsive feel.

2. Then you have the bed's inner cover, which wraps around the AirFiber blocks, keeping them in place.

3. Above the support system, you have a soft layer that adds a bit of pressure relief to the bed.

4. And rounding everything out is the dark blue outer cover for the mattress, which apparently is made of high-performance fabrics and innovative technologies.

Airweave 30 mattress performance

Motion isolation

For light sleepers, getting a mattress that isolates cross-mattress movement well should be at the top of your list of priorities. I expected the Airweave 30 to perform poorly in this regard due to the responsive nature of this material, but it was actually surprisingly good. The AirFiber material doesn't transfer much motion at all, and your movements on one side of the bed shouldn't really affect the other.

Edge-to-edge support

The Airfiber blocks also provide this bed with some pretty sturdy edges. If you happen to sleep close to the edges of a mattress at night, for whatever reason, you should feel plenty supported by this bed along its perimeter. Since the mattress is nice and responsive, it should help to prop you up on the edges, and I don't foresee any sleepers falling off this mattress entirely.

Airweave 30 edge support
Jonathan Gomez/CNET


While the bed is super breathable, I still wouldn't consider it to be an active cooling mattress. It should be breathable enough to suit the needs of most hot sleepers, making it more of a temperature-neutral sleeping option.

If you're interested in more of a cooling bed, feel free to check out our Best Cooling Mattress of 2024 list. That should contain some more suitable options for hot sleepers who are looking for an active cooling mattress. Most of the Airweave mattresses don't have any apparent active cooling features.


The average lifespan of a mattress can be anywhere from seven to 10 years, oftentimes longer depending on the bed you go with. Considering how firm and supportive that AirFiber material is, I can see the Airweave 30 lasting for several years to come. It's a quality bed with a lot of thought put into its design, so it will likely be a pretty durable mattress.

Airweave 30 responsiveness
Jonathan Gomez/CNET


Oftentimes, there's a certain odor associated with freshly unboxed beds. This is known as off-gassing -- and frankly, it can be off-putting. It might lead you to believe that there's something wrong with your new mattress, but you should know that it's a completely normal part of the process. The smell should dissipate after a couple of nights.

Who is the Airweave 30 mattress best for?

This mattress is not going to be right for everyone. Its ultra-firm feel and firmness profile make it only suitable for select sleepers. Here's who we think the Airweave 30 is going to work out best for.  

Airweave 30 stomach sleeper
Jonathan Gomez/CNET

Sleeping position

This bed is designed specifically for primary back and stomach sleepers. Its firm design props you up rather than letting you sink in, and when it comes to pressure relief, there's little to none found here. For this reason, it's truly best only for those seeking a much firmer style of mattress.

If you're more of a side sleeper, I'd suggest you look elsewhere. The brand also has some more pressure-relieving beds, but they're also really expensive -- too expensive if you're asking me. Our Best Mattress for Side Sleepers in 2024 list should help point you in the right direction.

Body type

Since the Airweave 30 is a more responsive, firm bed, I can see it working for all body types, but especially for average to petite-sized folks. Hybrid beds that have support coils generally work better for heavier people. When you compare the support of the AirFiber material to a steel spring, I think the spring still wins out in the end. 

I think heavier people could get by on the Airweave 30, but I could also see this material degrading underneath bigger body types faster than the average-size person. If you want to check out some other supportive options, check out our Best Hybrid Mattresses for 2024.

Airweave 30 mattress pricing

Size Measurements (inches)Price
Twin XL 38x80 inches$3,000
Queen 60x80 inches$4,500
King 76x80 inches$5,300
Cal King 72x84 inches$5,300

There's no getting around it; this is an expensive mattress. The Airweave 30 is available in limited sizing options, and all are up there in terms of price. I don't anticipate many folks out there having a budget like this to spend on their new online mattress.

Airweave isn't currently offering any discounts or promotions on this mattress, so you'll be paying the full retail price. If you've got the cash to spend, and you're looking for a super unique bed that's firmer than anything you've ever tried, it could be worth it. Otherwise, you could be better off saving your money on a more accommodating option.

Trial, shipping and warranty

You are backed with some basic policies with the Airweave 30. It ships to you for free in three separate boxes, and once it's in your possession, you get a 90-night trial period to try it at home risk-free. If you happen not to like it within that time frame, you'll have to pay a transportation fee to return it, but if you decide to keep it, you're backed by a 10-year limited warranty. Just be sure to use the right foundation for the bed. Otherwise, you could void your bed's warranty.

Airweave 30 mattress logo
Jonathan Gomez/CNET

The final verdict

Ultimately, the Airweave 30 is one of the most interesting beds I've ever tested. Though it wasn't necessarily my cup of tea, I can see strict back and stomach sleepers looking for an ultra-firm option with a responsive, firm feel really preferring this mattress -- that is, if you have the money to spend up for it.

You might like the Airweave 30 mattress if:

  • You want a truly firm mattress
  • You're interested in trying a unique feeling mattress
  • You want a proprietary material endorsed by athletes
  • You're an average to petite-sized person with money to spend

You might not like the Airweave 30 bed if:

  • You're looking for a hybrid mattress for heavier people
  • You want a more traditional bed with an accommodating feel
  • You want a firmness that works for all sleep styles
  • You're on a super strict budget

Other mattresses from Airweave

In addition to the Airweave 30, the brand also has a few more mattresses for you to consider. There's the Airweave mattress, which is pretty much the brand's flagship bed that's a bit more affordable. Then, you have two more premium options known as the Airweave 50 and the Airweave 70. These beds have thicker profiles and incorporate more comfort elements, making them softer than the 30.

How does Airweave compare to other mattresses?

Airweave 30 vs. Original Purple

These two mattresses are some of the most unique beds you can find online, and for good reason. Both have proprietary materials used for comfort. In the case of the Airweave 30, it's AirFiber. For Purple, it's the GelFlex Grid. These materials give them distinctly feels that are also pretty different. The AirFiber provides a lot of support and sturdiness but not much pressure relief, making the Airweave 30 a truly firm bed. The GelFlex Grid found within the Original Purple gives the bed equal parts support and pressure relief. This factor makes this option a bit softer at a proper medium on our scale. 

Airweave 30 vs. Titan Plus

When it comes to firm online beds, these are probably two of the firmest I've tested so far. Both are around a proper firm on our scale but for completely different reasons. The AirFiber in the Airweave 30 gives the bed a substantial amount of pushback and resistance. For the Titan Plus, its thicker gauge coils and firm comfort panels give the bed its truly firm profile. The Titan Plus is much more affordable than the Airweave 30, but both beds are great options for primary back and stomach sleepers looking for firmer mattresses.

Airweave 30 mattress FAQs

What are the advantages of AirFiber?

While the AirFiber material may seem superficial at first glance, there's a lot more to this stuff than meets the eye. Firstly, it's completely washable, so you can actually rinse the material if it happens to get dirty. This makes it hypoallergenic, as there's not much surface area for allergens or bacteria to accumulate on. Given its semi-weaved design, this material is also super breathable, which provides a nice advantage for hot sleepers seeking a cooler-sleeping bed. Lastly, the firmness of the AirFiber blocks varies from side to side, so you can flip them over or rotate them around the mattress, making the bed quite customizable.

Where does Airweave originate from?

Airweave is actually a Japanese-based bedding brand. Its founder, Motokuni Takaoka, came up with the concept for the brand through his father's company, which produced high-quality fishing lines. Given the nature of the AirFiber material, it's interesting to see this design inspiration come to life in a modern-day online mattress. 

Is the Airweave 30 easy to assemble?

Though there's a bit of a setup process with this mattress, I still think it's pretty straightforward and easy. Our team assembled this bed in just around 20 minutes. We think most people should be able to put this bed together with no issues at all.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.