GhostBed Natural Mattress Recalled Due to Fire Hazard. What to Know

If you sleep on a GhostBed Natural mattress, your bed may have been recalled due to a fire hazard.

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GhostBed natural mattress in a bedroom.

Approximately 1,250 GhostBed Natural mattresses have been recalled because they violate the federal flammability regulation and pose a fire risk. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the affected mattresses were made between June 2021 and March 2023. They have a model number starting with 13GBNAT or "Natural" and were sold in all sizes from twin to split king. You can find all this information on the white label sewn near the seam of the bed. 

If your bed falls into this category, you should stop using your mattress immediately. Unlike other mattress recalls, you won't need a new bed. Instead, GhostBed will send you a free cover that goes over the existing cover. It will ensure the bed no longer poses a fire risk and meets regulations. 

GhostBed will be contacting known buyers directly. However, you can also register on GhostBed's recall page to start the process now. 

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