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The best gifts for people who need more sleep

All the best options for that person on your gift list who's always tired.

Caroline Roberts Digital Editorial Intern
Caroline Roberts writes articles and notifications for CNET. She studies English at Cal Poly, and loves philosophy, Karl the Fog and a strong cup of black coffee.
Caroline Roberts
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Too many people struggle to get enough sleep at night. While an exhausted morning can be irritating, the long-term effects of sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your health. If you know someone that doesn't sleep enough, a great gift idea is one that'll help them finally get a restful night. Not only will they thank you in the morning, but consistently being well-rested benefits all aspects of someone's life. And isn't it the best gift of all to help a loved one thrive?

These choices are perfect for anyone on your list that needs to get more sleep -- whether they wake themselves snoring, are too hot while trying to sleep or are bothered by the tiniest sounds. With these options, you can give one of the best presents ever to a loved one -- the gift of sleep.

Smart Snore Stopper

Snoring is awful -- it can ruin your sleep and wake up anyone else in the room, leading to exhausted mornings. The snorer in your life has probably tried all sorts of nose plugs, strips and nasal drips, but if you're still reading, most likely none of them have worked. This comfortable earphone uses bone conduction and voice pattern-recognition technology to recognize when you start snoring. It then sends microvibrations to relax your throat muscles and stop the snoring in its tracks. The earphone uses Bluetooth to pair to an app to analyze how your night went.

This earphone is lightweight and portable and can be used everywhere you sleep -- planes, trains, cars and, of course, the bedroom.

Marpac Dohm

Falling asleep when there's noise outside is hard. If you know someone who lives next to a busy street, in a house with thin walls, or that has a family of crickets right outside their window, this gift might be perfect for them. It produces the sound of rushing air, without using a fan that actually blows cold air into your face. With adjustable knobs for tone and volume, anyone can find the right sound that helps them fall asleep.

This white noise machine is also small and portable, making it perfect for blocking out ambient sound while you take a catnap in your office. I promise I won't tell your boss.

Sleep Spray

We've all been there -- mind racing a million miles an hour with everything we have to do tomorrow, unable to fall asleep. Over-the-counter sleep aids can help, but they're often chock-full of chemicals and it can be scary to grow dependent on them. This product is an all-natural blend of essential oils, including lavender, bergamot, clary sage and frankincense. Spray it on a pillow before bedtime and watch the worries melt away. Many people report that the aromatherapy helps them sleep and reduces stress. 

The mist has no surfactants, artificial fragrances or preservatives, so it's perfect for any kids or health-conscious people on your gift list.

La Homieta

If you know someone who has a hard time waking up every day, you know that a blaring alarm clock probably isn't helping the problem. Instead of using a loud beeping sound, this alarm clock simulates a sunrise with a light that gradually gets brighter 15 minutes before the time you want to wake up, helping you rise in a more natural way. 

The light is filtered through a Himalayan salt crystal, creating a glowing orb that mimics the real sun. There's also an option to add sounds like a gentle piano or soothing surf if you're worried the light won't work on its own. Many people report that the gradual awakening greatly helps them get out of bed in the morning.

Ostrich Pillow

With the Ostrich Pillow, any place is suitable for a nap. The pillow completely covers your head except for a space to breathe, so you can block out any ambient noise and sound. The coated micro bead filling will help you stay comfortable, so all you need to do is slip it on and you're ready to slip into sleep. 

If you know someone who can't get a full 8 hours at night, the Ostrich Pillow can help them catch a few catnaps throughout the day to stay well rested.

Peach Skin

This cooling sheet set is perfect for the person who's always too warm when they sleep. A high internal body temperature can keep you tossing and turning throughout the night, and no one likes being woken up by night sweats. The sheets are made with a breathable fabric, allowing for air to circulate throughout the night. These sheets will keep you cool and dry without any harmful chemicals.

If your giftee has a bedmate that's a colder sleeper, don't fret. The sheets are cozy enough for any body temperature.


Pinzon's cotton sheet set will keep even the coldest sleepers comfortable throughout the night. The heavyweight velvet flannel material provides warmth while staying breathable. Plus, doesn't even the name sound luxurious? The flannel gets softer with each wash, so the affordable set will last you for a long time. Say goodbye to shivering in the middle of the night with these sheets.

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