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Best Dog Beds of 2024

Your dog deserves a cozy spot to rest after a long day of being your best friend. Here are the best dog beds -- all tested by my own dog.

Caroline Igo Editor, Sleep
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Caroline Igo
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$198 at Orvis
Black dog on Orvis Dog Bed
Best overall dog bed
Orvis RecoveryZone FleeceLock Lounger dog bed
$30 at Amazon
Black Dog on Bedsure bed
Best dog bed for large dogs
Bedsure dog bed
$99 at Nest Bedding
Black dog on Nest Bedding bed
Best dog bed for small dogs
Nest bolstered pet bed
$149 at Lay Lo
Black dog on Lay Lo bed
Best stylish dog bed
Lay Lo dog bed
$30 at Amazon
black dog on Lesure Pet dog bed
Best washable dog bed
Lesure calming dog bed

It’s important to get a good night’s rest. Most of us know this and we take the necessary steps to create a cozy atmosphere to help us fall asleep and stay asleep. We carefully pick out each component of our beds: the sheets, pillows and comforters.

So don’t our dogs deserve the same luxury? Even if your dog sleeps in bed with you, they still need a comfortable place to rest during the day. There are so many options out there for you to consider for your fury friend. If you’ve been enjoying your own memory foam mattress, why not pick up a memory foam dog bed for your pup?

If you have large breed dogs, you’ll need to make sure you’re checking the sizes and picking the right large dog beds while shopping. Your dog’s bed should also be easy to clean. Some beds come with water-resistant liners and removable cover material that can be tossed in the washing machine for quick cleanup. Needless to say, there's quite a bit to consider before picking up your dog's new bed.

With many options filling up the shelves at PetSmart, it may be hard to find the best dog bed for your pet. We've narrowed the selection down to the finest options available. My black lab, Louie, slept on each of these beds. Here’s why these dog beds are the best, along with the kind of pooches we think will love them most.

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What is the best dog bed overall?

Black dog on Orvis Dog Bed

You can even choose to have your dog's name stitched into the bed.

Caroline Igo/CNET

The best dog bed on the market right now comes from Orvis’ RecoveryZone series. While there are many in the collection to choose from, the FleeceLock Lounger dog bed is comfortable, durable and supportive. It's made with two pieces of solid foam -- a layer of Serene Foam that allows for airflow and a low-VOC CertiPUR-US foam base layer. On this bed, my dog has lots of space to either curl up or stretch out, and I know he's supported.

Best dog beds of 2024

Why we chose the Orvis RecoveryZone FleeceLock Lounger: Orvis is a dependable brand that offers premium-quality products, and its dog beds are no exception. Orvis’ line of RecoveryZone dog beds are designed to support your dog's joints and help elevate pressure points, just as our mattresses do for us. My dog was able to stretch out on this bed or curl up, securely. I love how soft the fleece is and how comfortable the bed is overall -- even to me. I think I could sleep on it if I had to.   

The cover is removable and can be easily washed. It also comes with an add-on for personalization, meaning you can get your pet’s name stitched into the front. Under the cover is a sturdy base of two layers of foam. One layer is an inch of Serene Foam that helps keep your dog temperature-neutral. The second layer is four inches of low-VOC CertiPUR-US foam that acts as a supportive base. It's firmer than the top layer and makes the bed more durable. Although the price tag of this bed is daunting, I think the bed is built to last for years and years -- and it comes with Orvis’ Great Catch Guarantee.  

Not sure which Orvis bed is right for your dog? Try the Orvis Dog Bed Selector quiz. 


  • Machine-washable cover and optional personalization 
  • Temperature-regulating 
  • Patented FleeceLock that doesn’t pull, pill or leave bare spots 


  • Expensive

Why we chose the Bedsure Dog Bed: If you're looking for a dog bed that's the perfect size for your big dog, the Bedsure dog bed is a great choice. It comes in eight different sizes (and 10 colors). With that many choices, you should be able to find a bed that's wide enough and long enough for your pup. Larger dogs can sometimes require more expensive beds, so the Bedsure dog bed is a great value. The XXL size is still under $100 -- you can’t say that about a lot of pet brands. Another great feature is how well these beds fit in crates. The 36 by 27-inch size is perfect for my 75-pound dog and his kennel.

The Bedsure dog bed has a removable cover that's machine washable. One side is soft Sherpa fleece, perfect for cold weather, and the other is a textile that won’t heat up during the summer. The bed gets its shape from 3-inch egg crate foam that cradles your dog’s pressure points. If you think this bed is too thin for your older dog's joints, there are also 3.5-inch and 4-inch foam options.


  • Washable cover
  • Egg crate foam for pressure-relief 
  • Two-sided design for all seasons 


  • On the thinner side 
  • Only one layer of foam

Why we chose the Nest bolstered pet bed: This disc-like bed is perfect for small and medium dogs and those who care for the environment. It’s bolstered along all sides, making it a perfect bed for dogs to nestle into. It’s also made with a recycled fill, the only dog bed on this list that’s extremely eco-friendly. It's similar to a bean bag chair -- your dog can nestle up into a ball and get cozy.

Although the Nest bolstered pet bed is available in only one color and three sizes (small, medium and large), the first two sizes are perfect for dogs under 50 pounds. My 75-pound pup nestled into the large size, but his paws did spill over the edge. I wouldn’t recommend this bed for dogs larger or heavier than mine. Smaller dogs that love to sleep in a donut position will love this bed. The Nest pet bed is also machine-washable.


  • 100% green waste recycled plastic fill
  • Made with durable, breathable canvas cotton fabric
  • Two-year warranty


  • Available in only three sizes: small, medium and large
  • Not for older dogs that need extra support

Why we chose the Lay Lo dog bed: If you're worried about your pet’s bed sticking out like a sore paw when it comes to your decor and room design, there are now dog beds made with you in mind. Lay Lo specializes in stylish dog beds that look good and keep your pet comfy. Each modernly designed cover is dig-proof, removable and machine-washable. The orthopedic insert is a combination of poly support foam and a soft polyfill. It's firm and supportive. 

Lay Lo is unique in that it also offers just single covers. The company encourages you to find old clothes, pillows or bedding to fill the cover with. Instead of buying a whole new pet bed, you can revamp an old one or get more use out of old pillows. I think this is a really cool concept that helps to reduce waste.


  • Removable, washable cover 
  • Around 27 different patterns 
  • Dig-proof, chew-proof and accident-resistant 


  • On the expensive side

Why we chose the Lesure calming dog bed: This unique bed’s flower design has your dog curling up in the middle, amid the pedals. Like the Orvis and Bedsure beds, this product is made with soft, Sherpa-like polyester. While it isn’t as soft as Orvis’ FleeceLock, this bed is completely covered with fuzzy material that's quite cozy -- or at least, that’s what my dog thought. This was one of his favorites to curl up into. He sometimes likes to sleep in a donut position, and this bed was the perfect size for him.

The Lesure calming dog bed comes in seven different colors and four sizes. My 75-pound dog fits into the largest size, but I can’t imagine it being suitable for any dog bigger than him. This bed is best for medium to slightly larger than medium dogs. The best part is that the entire bed can go into the washing machine (so make sure your washing machine is big enough).


  • Available in seven colors and four sizes
  • Very affordable 
  • Made with plush polyester and has an anti-slip bottom 


  • Stuffing can become lumpy and uneven
  • Not for older dogs that need extra support

Best dog beds of 2024 compared

Dog bed PriceTrial periodWarranty
Orvis RecoveryZone dog bed $198See Orvis’ Great Catch guaranteeSee Orvis’ Great Catch guarantee
Bedsure dog bed $2630 daysSee Bedsure
Nest bolstered pet bed $9930 days2 years
Lay Lo dog bed $14930 days1 year, limited
Lesure calming dog bed $35See LesureSee Lesure

How we tested dog beds 

Black dog on checkered dog bed. Multiple dog beds behind him.
Caroline Igo/CNET

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about based on editorial merit. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. 

The best dog beds were examined similarly to how we test mattresses at CNET. My dog and I assessed key factors like firmness, feel and performance. We also considered price, durability, support, washability, size and design. I tested how strong the beds were by having my dog roll around on each. The feel was tested by having both myself and my dog lie on the bed. Lastly, overall performance was based on what my dog gravitated toward. If he couldn’t move the bed around enough to sit down comfortably, it wasn’t going to be a good bed for any pet. 

I ensured that each dog bed on our best list is machine washable, made with quality materials to help comfort dogs, and is of great value. The selected beds come with free shipping and free or low-cost returns.

What to look for in a dog bed

If you're searching for the finest dog bed for your best four-legged friend, here's everything you need to keep in mind.


Although you don’t want a bed that's hard as a rock, you should look for one that's supportive enough -- especially if you have an older dog or a pet with arthritis. A top layer of support or softer foam is always a plus, as long as the base of the bed is sturdy and supportive enough. If you have an older dog, you don’t want a fluffy bed that they can sink into. A fluffier bed is more suitable for puppies and younger dogs.

Material and fill options

The material used in a dog bed determines the price, firmness, durability and overall look of the bed. If you're looking for a cheaper bed, one made of polyester is the way to go. It might not look as nice as others, but it's affordable and fluffy. Dog beds made with foam are good for pressure relief and often last longer than those stuffed with various fillings.  

Size and shape

Your dog’s size and sleeping position help determine which dog bed is best. My black lab, Louie, weighs about 75 pounds, and he requires a dog bed that's long and wide enough because he likes to sleep on his stomach, with all four paws stretched out. Large, rectangular beds are best for dogs like him. If you have a smaller dog that likes to sleep in a donut position, then a small, disclike bed may be a great fit.      


When shopping for the best dog bed, stick to your budget. Some beds out there can get way too expensive. If your young dog normally sleeps on the hard floor and doesn’t have any arthritis issues, there’s no need to get a pricey bed. Amazon has lots of great-value dog beds, such as the Lesure calming bed and the Bedsure dog bed

Best dog beds FAQs

What kind of bed is best for dogs?

The best kind of bed for your dog is determined by your pet’s size, sleeping position and possible health considerations. If your older dog has arthritis, then you need to find a bed that's firmer and supportive. If you have a smaller puppy, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on a bed that they'll outgrow. An affordable, fluffy bed that they can cozy into (and that can be washed) might be best. 

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Older dogs, especially with older joints, might prefer a firmer, more supportive bed. Puppies oftentimes will like softer beds they can burrow into. You should consider firmness, materials, size, shape and your budget when looking for the best dog bed for your pet.

Do dogs prefer round or rectangular beds?

Some dogs like round beds because they can sleep in a donut position comfortably. Other dogs, like my own, like to sleep on their stomachs, and round beds don’t allow them to do that.

The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.