COVID-19: Everything you need to know to stay healthy and entertained while stuck at home

All of the tips you'll need to work, cook and stay sane while practicing social distancing.

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Alison DeNisco Rayome
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Schools, businesses, restaurants, gyms, museums and other public places across the US closed down this month in attempts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are staying home and practicing social distancing to avoid spreading the viral disease further. 

If you're not used to spending all of your time at home, whether you live alone or with a partner, a family or roommates, you might be feeling a little unsure of how to pass the time -- especially since the government's social distancing directive might last for weeks. Never fear: CNET has put together this guide of everything you need to know about coronavirus and infection prevention, but also tips for working, cooking, learning and staying physically and mentally healthy from home. 

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Coronavirus basics

Here's everything you need to know about coronavirus, including the most recent updates, guidelines, cancellations and where to find more information: 

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How to avoid getting infected with coronavirus

If you still have to work or do things outside of your home, here are some tips for avoiding infection, including how to properly sanitize your home and phone: 

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Working from home tips

Here's everything you need to work from home efficiently, from video conferencing services to tips on how to stay sane:

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Cooking (or ordering food) at home tips

Making your way around the kitchen for the first time in a while? Here are some apps, services and tips to help you channel your inner Gordon Ramsay and finally use that Instant Pot or slow cooker (just keep the yelling to a minimum, for the sake of your pet): 

Keeping the kids busy with schoolwork and entertainment

With schools closed across the country, millions of kids are at home and in need of virtual education or at least entertainment. Here are some resources to help parents out: 

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Keeping yourself entertained

Adults need help staying busy while social distancing, too. Here are some ideas for you:

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Staying mentally healthy 

Keeping your mental health in check will be key for making it through social distancing. Here are some resources to help you manage anxiety and sleep , and find online therapy and telehealth services: 

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Exercising from home

Just because gyms are closed doesn't mean you shouldn't say physically active. Here are some tips for working out from your house, whether you have any exercise equipment or not: 

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