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35 things to buy if you're stuck at home (besides toilet paper)

The threat of coronavirus has turned the world upside down. It's impacting just about everyone, leading to record numbers of people working and being schooled at home. So it's a pretty good idea to stock up both on what you need for a lengthy stay at home and things to make your home life a lot more comfortable.

Even if you've already missed the boat on toilet paper and hand sanitizer, which are sold out just about everywhere, you can still get the stuff we've highlighted here. Please note: Prices and availability are accurate at the time of original publication, but are subject to change without notice. And before we start: For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website

To start our list: There's a reason why the 7-in-1 Instant Pot ($100) is so popular with our readers. You won't believe all the amazing meals this powerful pressure cooker can make. Just pull that meat out of the freezer, or rice out of the pantry, and get going. Here are some great Instant Pot recipes to get your first meal started.

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A vacuum sealer to make perishables last longer ($53)

Sure, you could toss a pack of chicken breast in the freezer to eat next week, but that's a recipe for freezer burn. This vacuum sealer preserves food longer, without it turning gross.

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A weighted blanket to soothe your body and mind ($59)

Did you know that weighted blankets promote the production of serotonin, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep better? In other words: Exactly what we all need right now.

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A Brita pitcher so you won't even need bottled water ($27)

There's no reason to spend hours trying to find an elusive case of bottled water when you can just filter out the impurities in your home's tap water with a Brita pitcher. This one comes with a filter that lasts for two months.

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This glowing water kettle with a safety switch ($30)

This electric kettle makes brewing tea a snap. Plus, the blue LED light is just so darn cool.

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This mug that celebrates social distancing ($13.99)

It being "too peopley outside" is the exact reason you're staying indoors, right?

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This European-style replacement for toilet paper ($48)

This easy-to-install Luxe bidet may not eliminate your need for toilet paper, but you will use a lot less of it. Which is good, since we haven't seen TP in stock at our local supermarket for at least a week now.

Published:Caption:Photo:Luxe/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This supply of delicious salty treats ($11.06)

These peanut butter-filled pretzels go quickly, so it's a good thing Amazon sells them in these giant 44-ounce tubs.

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Enough M&Ms to get you through anything ($14.78)

The pretzels will cover your salty cravings, so now it's time to do something about those chocolate cravings. This 2-pound pack comes as 70 fun-size bags, so there's no worry about germy fingers touching candies you'll eat later.

Published:Caption:Photo:M&Ms/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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A 2-pound supply of delicious jerky treats for your dog ($17.58)

Don't forget your dog when you stock up on snacks! Puppers go wild over these Solimo chicken jerky strips from Amazon.

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A new video game console to make the time fly by ($299)

Whether you're on the go -- or stuck at home for 14 days -- we love the Nintendo Switch gaming system. Add in an epic Switch game such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ($50), and you'll be entertained for weeks. (Just be sure you disinfect it when there's a new player!)

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This single-serve coffee maker ($130)

Pots of coffee are great for multiple people, but if you're hanging out solo, a Keurig machine is your best option. Best of all, coffee pods aren't as environmentally unfriendly as they used to be -- there are plenty of compostable K-cup options now available.

Published:Caption:Photo:Keurig/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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Enough coffee to get you through the months ahead ($34)

A new Keurig brewer isn't going to get you very far without a supply of K-cups to go with it. We love this 100-count box from Gevalia -- the coffee tastes fantastic and at just 34 cents per cup, the price is right.

Published:Caption:Photo:Gevalia/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This Ember mug that never gets cold ($80)

This rechargeable, smartphone-controlled mug (yes, that's totally a thing) can hold a range of temperatures for up to an hour, so your last sip is as warm and soothing as your first.

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A pair of super-comfy Star Wars slippers to knock around in ($30)

Shoes are for outside. Chewbacca slippers are for inside.

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This healthier way to make microwave popcorn ($8.88)

This inexpensive popcorn popper is just as convenient as those individual, microwavable bags you get at the supermarket, but because you don't need to add oil, it's a way healthier option.

Published:Caption:Photo:Ecolution/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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A 2-pound supply of protein powder to keep your nutrition on point ($24)

When it comes to taste, we're in love with Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey Double Rich Chocolate flavor. It mixes easily with water, but it's at its best when mixed with milk.

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A new Kindle to catch up on all those books you've been meaning to read ($130)

Now that you've finally got some spare time on your hands, why don't you catch up on all the great reads that have come out lately? Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, so you can take it right into the bath with you.

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This aromatherapy mister with an LED light ($30)

If you're going to be spending a lot of time indoors, you may as well make sure your home smells good. This oil diffuser comes with 6 bottles of essential oils, so you can start experimenting right away.

Published:Caption:Photo:Innogear/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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A new smart LED bulb to add some color ($36)

We love the pop of color you can get out of these Lifx Mini Wi-Fi smart bulbs with no hub required. It'll make your home feel just that much more inviting.

Published:Caption:Photo:Ry Crist/CNETDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This mini heater that looks like a real fireplace ($56)

This 1,500W heater may be tiny -- it measures just 14 inches tall -- but it adds major ambience to whatever room you put it in.

Published:Caption:Photo:Donyer Power/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This aromatherapy fox you toss in the microwave ($19.99)

Is there anything better than a warm heating pad when you're feeling under the weather? This lavender-scented fox is just as perfect for soothing sick kids as it is for relaxing away your own aches and pains.

Published:Caption:Photo:Yogibo/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This candle that smells like California ($16.66)

The scent of these soy wax candles from Homesick are inspired by U.S. states, so even if you can't go outside, you can still bring the outside to you.

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This insanely long string of lights to make your home more cozy ($11.99)

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel more welcoming and comfortable is new lighting. This 66-foot roll of USB string lights lets you get creative with placement -- you can even illuminate an entire wall.

Published:Caption:Photo:Minetom/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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Enough bath bombs to last you for 12 days ($25)

Turn ordinary bath time into a fun spa experience with these colorful scented bath bombs.

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A fresh new yoga mat for in-home workouts ($18.68)

It's easy to stay in shape at home: All you need is a yoga mat such as this one from AmazonBasics and your own body weight to get a great workout.

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An incredibly comfy new pillow (that happens to look like a seal) ($17.99)

Will this seal pillow help you effectively fight coronavirus? No, of course not. But it's super squishy, super cuddly and super comfy, which might take the edge off a little.

Published:Caption:Photo:MerryXD/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This high-tech indoor herb garden ($90)

There's no need to head to the supermarket for herbs when you've got fresh ones growing right in your kitchen. This hydroponic system from Aerogarden comes with six seed pods to get things started right out of the box.

Published:Caption:Photo:Aerogarden/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This humidifier to keep your home more comfortable ($48)

Remember when you were sick as a kid and your mom would get out that old, clunky, noisy humidifier to make you feel better? Well, this brand-new model is way quieter and compatible with essential oils.

Published:Caption:Photo:Bayka/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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These super-realistic birch LED candles ($30)

Regular candles burn out quickly and fill your home with smoke. These three LED birch-effect candles look real, last for 150 hours on two AA batteries and come with an included remote control.

Published:Caption:Photo:Vinkor/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This epic board game that can be played by one person ($60)

Think you need to give up board games just to maintain good social distancing? Nope -- you can play Mage Knight all by yourself.

Published:Caption:Photo:NECA/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This stylish play space for kids of all ages ($47)

Though this adorable teepee is billed as a fun hideaway for kids, adults fit in it too. One person at a time, though, please!

Published:Caption:Photo:Scriptract/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This comfy hanging chair with LED lights ($70)

Why not use all that extra time you have at home to create a comfy new reading and relaxation space for yourself? This hanging chair strung with LED lights is a perfect addition, though you may want to pair it with this optional $150 stand.

Published:Caption:Photo:Vivohome/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This adjustable kettlebell to keep you active at home ($149)

Stay in shape even if you can't get to crossfit class with this adjustable Bowflex kettlebell -- just turn the dial on top to increase the weight from 8 up to 40 pounds. It even comes with access to trainer-led videos.

Published:Caption:Photo:Bowflex/AmazonDisclosure:We may get a commission from retail offers.
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This all-in-one beer brewing kit ($100)

Can't get out to your local ale house? Try turning your basement into a brewery instead with this kit from Northern Brewer.

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