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T-Mobile offers first responders up to 25% off Samsung 5G phones

The deal is part of T-Mobile's Connecting Heroes program that offers free unlimited smartphone service to state and local police, fire and EMS agencies.

First responder agencies can get discounts on Samsung phones through T-Mobile.
Angela Lang/CNET

State and local agencies that offer first responders free unlimited talk, text and data through T-Mobile's Connecting Heroes program can get up to 25% off Samsung 5G phones for a limited time, the carrier said Friday. That includes phones like the recently released Galaxy Note 20 5G, as well as the Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy A71 5G and Galaxy A51 5G. The $250 Galaxy A21 with 4G LTE is also an option. 

"While pushing the bounds of 5G mobile technology, Samsung and T-Mobile both recognize the importance of first responders staying connected at the most critical times," Taher Behbehani, head of Samsung Electronics America's mobile B2B division, said in a statement.

State and local fire, police and emergency medical service agencies get free unlimited smartphone service through T-Mobile's Connecting Heroes program, which kicked off earlier this year.

Companies are launching more 5G phones as the next-generation wireless network continues to roll out. Apple is expected to unveil a 5G phone later this year, which could be a big win for helping bring the new cellular tech to the mainstream. In addition to higher speeds, 5G is hyped to revolutionize niches such as self-driving carsvirtual and augmented reality and telemedicine services such as remote surgery.

T-Mobile's new offer, an update to its Connecting Heroes program that was rolled out in May, is the latest perk in a year that has seen all three major US wireless carriers offer discounts to those who help their communities. In April, during the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, Verizon expanded its first responder discounts on Fios and wireless service to include nurses and teachers. AT&T launched its first responder discount in March and later expanded it to include nurses, teachers, and physicians.

T-Mobile didn't specify how long the Samsung phone offer will last and declined to comment on an end date.

CNET's Eli Blumenthal contributed to this report.