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Verizon adds new wireless and Fios discounts for nurses and teachers

A new way to save during -- and after -- the coronavirus.

Verizon is expanding its military and first responder discount program to include teachers and nurses. 
Angela Lang/CNET

Verizon is expanding its military and first responders discount to include nurses and teachers, bringing its discount program to more people as the coronavirus pandemic continues. 

Already available for veterans, active military, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, emergency medical services and state and local law enforcement, the new offer will allow nurses and teachers to save up to $25 a month on their unlimited cell phone plans as well as up to $15 a month on their Fios home internet bill. 

Wireless users will be able to start signing up on April 23 with the deal opening for Fios subscribers on May 7. 

The move follows an AT&T announcement from earlier this week that had the carrier offering three free months of service for nurses and doctors on its FirstNet first-responder network. Unlike AT&T's offer, Verizon will allow nurses and teachers to apply the discount to their existing family or personal plans. The deal is also available to new subscribers with the wireless discount applying to Verizon's latest unlimited plans as well as earlier unlimited plans.

For a family of four on the carrier's cheapest Start Unlimited plan, for example, the discount would knock the monthly cost from $140 a month to $120 a month. 

The unlimited and Fios discounts can also be stacked for those who have Verizon as their wireless provider and the company's Fios offering as their home internet service. 

"We wanted to do something more impactful," says Frank Boulben, Verizon's senior vice president of consumer and product marketing. Boulben says the discount will also continue even after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

To take advantage of the discount, nurses need to be registered and actively employed. Other medical personnel, including doctors, are not included in this offer. 

"What we wanted was really to focus on the workers who are in the frontline and in the lower part of the wage scale," says Boulben.  

For teachers, the discount is open to educators teaching K-12 as well as those teaching in colleges and universities. Teachers need to be certified by their state to take advantage of the deal and be actively employed. 

Those looking to add the discount will be able to do so online, with the credit being added immediately upon approval to the account. 

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