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AT&T updates first responder offer to include teachers, nurses and physicians

New groups are eligible for the 25% monthly discount.

AT&T's newest offer expands discounts to teachers, nurses and physicians.
Angela Lang/CNET

AT&T is updating its first responder discount program, expanding the savings to now include teachers, nurses and physicians. 

The new update, which goes into effect on July 10, offers those who work in on one of those fields a monthly discount of 25% on the company's latest unlimited plans (known as Unlimited Starter, Extra and Elite). This discount would extend to the entire family plan, not just the single line for the teacher, nurse or physician.  

For a family of four, AT&T says the savings would be up to $35 per month for those on the Starter plans, $40 per month on Extra plans, and $50 per month on its priciest Elite plans. 

The offer is available to both new and existing AT&T users, though you need to have one of those aforementioned three unlimited plans to be eligible. 

Eligible teachers include those teaching "kindergarten through post-secondary," as well as professors and instructors. Beyond nurses and physicians, AT&T's new deal will also be offered to physician assistants so long as the medical professionals are actively practicing.

The carrier previously limited the discount to first responders, veterans and active members of the military. 

AT&T's move is the latest from the major carriers during the COVID-19 pandemic to expand discounts to educators and those on the front lines. In April the carrier offered three free months of its FirstNet first responder service to doctors and nurses. 

Shortly after AT&T's announcement Verizon expanded its first responder offer to include nurses and teachers, offering up to $25 off per month on its unlimited wireless plans and up to $15 per month on its Fios home internet. 

In May, T-Mobile rolled out its free service initiative to first responders, what it calls "Connecting Heroes," though that offer is only available to public and nonprofit state and local fire, police and EMS departments and not doctors, nurses or teachers.