Samsung's New $30 SmartTag 2 Takes On Apple AirTags

The tracking device works only with Galaxy phones.

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Meara Isenberg
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Black and white versions of the Galaxy SmartTag 2.

Samsung's new SmartTag 2.


After the SmartTag and SmartTag Plus, Samsung is introducing a new device to help you keep track of items: the Galaxy SmartTag 2. It sports a new design and updated features, and it's scheduled to launch globally on Oct. 10.

The SmartTag 2 competes with the likes of Tile trackers and Apple AirTags. Like the existing SmartTags line, you can use SmartTag 2 only with Samsung Galaxy phones. It'll cost $30 in the US.

The SmartTag 2 has a "new compact size and ring-shaped design" and includes metal on the inside of the ring for increased resilience, according to Samsung. It also makes changes to battery life, with a new power saving mode and improved normal mode. Users can switch between the modes, with the SmartTag 2's battery lasting up to 700 days when using power saving mode -- more than twice as long as previous models -- and up to 500 days on normal mode, according to Samsung. 

The device also comes with an improved Compass View feature if you have an ultra-wideband-supported Galaxy smartphone. The feature provides arrows to show the direction and distance of the Galaxy SmartTag 2 in relation to the user, Samsung says. There are also upgrades to Samsung's SmartThings find app, which is built directly into phones and connects to SmartTags, such as a full screen map view and an intuitive interface.

The SmartTag 2 has Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband capabilities, similar to the SmartTag Plus. Samsung notes that to fully function, the SmartTag 2 needs to be paired with ultra-wideband-enabled Galaxy smartphones with Android 11 or higher. 

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