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iPhone X users in Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, prepare to pay early

It's a timing thing, and it's going to cost you if you want a new iPhone XS.

Josh Miller/CNET

Apple just announced that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available for preorder this Friday, Sept. 14, and will begin shipping by Sept. 21.

Are you excited to upgrade last year's iPhone X to a new iPhone? Before you set your alarm to wake up in the middle of the night to ensure you get a preorder, you should know that if you have an iPhone X and are in the iPhone Upgrade Program, you'll need to make at least one more payment before you can upgrade.

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Why? Because the iPhone X launched a month later than the iPhone XS is launching this year, and the upgrade program requires 12 payments before your account is eligible to upgrade.

Of course, if you waited until well after the iPhone X launched, you may end up owing a few months' worth of payments before your account is eligible to upgrade.

Sign into your iPhone Upgrade Program account to see what, if anything, you owe before your upgrade can be processed.