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Verizon Is Adding a New Fee to Some of Its Older Unlimited Plans

The nation's largest carrier really wants to push people to its latest unlimited plans.

Verizon logo on a phone
James Martin/CNET

Verizon is adding a new $2 fee to some of its older unlimited plans, CNET has confirmed. The new fee, which the carrier is describing as a "rate plan adjustment," will affect those who are on a variety of unlimited plans, including Beyond Unlimited (and its age 55 Plus variation), Go Unlimited and the older Verizon Unlimited plan. 

Customers will begin to be told about the new charge through email, physical mail and notices on their upcoming March bills. The new fee -- which will be $2 per line, per month -- will start with April bills.

A Verizon spokesperson says that fee is "to account for the added cost of maintaining these legacy plans."

The Go and Beyond plans were introduced in 2018 while Verizon Unlimited was announced back in 2017. The carrier is not adding new fees to its more recent unlimited plans. 

The new fee was first reported by YouTuber Tech Life Channel.

New fees or rate hikes on older plans are not new for Verizon as it looks to push its users onto its more recent plans. Last year the carrier added new "economic adjustment charges" to its customers' bills while separately also raising rates for its older, shared data plans.