Apple's CES 2019 appearance is a great lesson in snark

Apple isn't at CES officially, but it's haunting the show with a sweet little dig at the competition.

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Mark Serrels

The billboard overlooking the Las Vegas Convention Center.

CNET/Mark Serrels

It's now officially day one at CES 2019 and while Apple isn't at CES 2019 in an official capacity, it's there in spirit, snarking at us from above, looking down on its rivals if you will, via a billboard that's literally haunting the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"What happens on your iPhone , stays on your iPhone". 

Ah yes, very good.

At risk of over-explaining the joke, it's a neat twist on the whole "what happens in Vegas" thing, combined with a subtle stab at tech giants who've been a little less responsible with your personal data.

Which was of course a huge talking point in 2018 and seems certain to dominate tech discourse at CES and throughout the year.  

Don't mind me, I'm off to check out a smart doorbell that scans and recognises faces and could potentially send that data to law enforcement agencies in the event of me becoming a runaway fugitive from the law. The future is now.

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