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Apple sends invites to its Sept. 12 event at Apple Park

The iPhone 8 -- and several other products -- are expected to be unveiled at the event, the first ever in the theater named for cofounder Steve Jobs.

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The next iPhone (or, iPhones). A new Apple Watch. Siri. Lots and lots of augmented reality. These are just a few of things we're expecting from Apple this year, and now the date is official: Tuesday, September 12.

This year, Apple's big reveal is at a new location: the 1,000-people Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, the company's brand-new "spaceship" headquarters in Cupertino, California. Expect it to be as much of a presence at the event as Tim Cook and the new iPhones.

We'll be there. In the meantime, we'll be writing a lot about it.

Apple's bound to talk more about ARKit on iOS 11. The iPhone 8, with an expected design overhaul and interface changes, should be the spotlight, but Apple's expected to also release two iPhone 7S models, an LTE-equipped Apple Watch and announce 4K-ready Apple TVs. Plus... could there be new AirPods, or more HomePod news? We won't know until Sept. 12.

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