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Apple Arcade updates six games for you to play this weekend

Check out the new updates Friday.

Apple Arcade updatex six titles in its catalog of over 125 games.
Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

Apple Arcade, Apple's $4.99-a-month gaming service, on Friday updated six of its titles for weekend play. Apple Arcade updates a few games every week in tandem with releasing new titles like Game of Thrones: Tale of Crows for its growing catalog of over 125 games. You can play Arcade games on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac and Apple TV

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If you're still staying in most of the time due to the coronavirus pandemic, playing a video game can be a fun way to pass the time -- especially when new content is available. Here are more details on the updated games.

Butter Royale

Developer: Mighty Bear Games


Butter Royale, the family friendly Fortnite-style game about food fights, added a new Ice Pop season that includes new contestants, skins, flags and trails for players to compete on. Players will also get new NOMs (Nutritionally Operated Machines-- the in-game weapons) like the Piercing Pancakes and Durian Launcher. 

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Developer: Pomelo Games

Apple/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET

The town-building simulation game is adding Harvest season level to the game that brings new settlers into the wilderness. The new level -- packed with blooming flowers and new crops -- culminates to a celebratory multicultural harvest festival.

Cat Quest II

Developers: Gentlebros Games


Cat Quest 

Apple/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET

Cat Quest II updated with a Mew World, a new mode where players will encounter "meowdifiers" that can change gameplay. The update also includes more rewards, abilities, moves, items and enemies, as well as a new defense system.   


Developers: Q-Games


The Scrappers update now has new characters like S.C.R.A.P., a new companion that can collect and pass trash to players. Players can also enable a new auto-catch mode for easier stacking and a new trash tier system to better help sort valuables.

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King's League II

Developers: Kurechii


Players can check out a new RPG story campaign featuring a new female protagonist, Sella the Aegle Bard, on a journey to become a champion.


Developer: Borderleap

Apple/ Screenshot by Shelby Brown/ CNET

The aesthetic puzzle game added 75 new patterns for players to put together. 

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