AirPower reference appears in Apple's iPhone XS battery case listing

A mention of Apple's long-awaited wireless charging pad surfaced in the company's online store early Wednesday.

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Apple's given fans that are eagerly anticipating its long-delayed AirPower wireless charging pad another scrap of hope. 

When the listing for the new iPhone XS Smart Battery Case went live, it said, "The Smart Battery Case is compatible with AirPower Wireless Charging Mat and other Qi‑certified chargers." That sentence soon disappeared from the site in most regions, but as of this writing it still appears in the listing in the company's Malaysian online store.

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The text of the Apple Store's iPhone XS battery case in the Malaysian store's listing.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

An observant redditor and some folks on Twitter picked up on it, though it came to our attention via MacRumors.

This has happened more than once since Apple initially announced the AirPower in September 2017 with a scheduled release for sometime in 2018. Mentions appeared briefly on its site in September 2018 and it was cited in the manuals for the iPhone XS and XS Max. But the company remained silent about it at the October iPad event.

As of mid-January, however, rumors have started to circulate that it's actually in production. The mat's appearance on Apple's site may have been evidence of Apple's intention to ship it in conjunction with the new charging cases.

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